Friday, November 21, 2014

"The Chaos" at LEA21

 Giovanna Cerise has an exquisite installation in LEA19. I was able to attend the opening Thursday after a wait because the region was full! A collection of artists and friends came to see the creation. Of the work Giovanna says, “The Chaos, in the primitive sense of the Greek term, is the immensity not measurable and unlimited of the primitive space (and so the blend and the disorder and the fortuity) in which the Kosmos originates, that is the beautiful, good and rational order of the world, which always comes from a messy background. The Chaos is not definitely passed by the construction of an intelligible world and of the shapes, but it still continues to be as the foundation on which also the Kosmos stand.” 

In order to see all the aspects one touches the compass and you will be teleported to various vantage points. The installation is large in concept as well as execution and lovely to view. It is recommended to set your windlight to midnight, or sunset. Try both for the variation. I watched the fleeing men and wondered why. Was the shattering orb the sun? Still pondering over the pieces.

Gemma Cleanslate

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