Friday, September 9, 2022

The Hard Times Blues Club

By Bixyl Shuftan
A friend of the Newser recently informed us of a promising new Blues and Rock Club, Hard Times. Owned by Whitewolf Broadfoot, I recently had a chat with him while his club was having an event. 

Whitewolf would tell me he and his staff "went through 50 possible names and landed on this one. ... The blues reflects hard times. Plus, will be hanging on by a thread for a bit. Heh heh. I thought it was a good name for a blues club." And yes, Whitewolf is a Blues and Rock fan, "Classic rock and the blues is my favorite music."

Whitewolf has been in Second Life for over a decade, "Tthis is not my first club, I was on here about a month before I opened my first club it was a cave called 'Bedrock.' I also built and was the original co owner of Bikinis Nude Beach. ... It is right now one of the most popular beaches in Second Life." Despite the beach club's success, he decided to start a new one, "Thought I would give this a go. They are slow to start, (but) we will get there."
Of the club's events, "We have at least one (event) for every day of the week, but Wed is the best so far with three sets in a row. It's coming around, need people on the floor right now. But that will come." Whitewolf stated he was aiming for morning events, "(We) want to fill the board with mostly early shifts, but will do what we have to." As of the writing of this article, there were over a dozen two-hour music sessions a week, including KVXN's JB Raccoon. DJ Vlad, who plays three times a week, was the one spinning the tunes while I was there. 

Hard Times isn't a beach club, but outside the building there is a little beach scenery, "Was going to go for a beach club again and thought better of it. This was the right size and look. ... It has a laid back blues feel to it. 

Of future plans for the club, Whitewolf mostly plans to take things as they come, "I just hope to make this a popular club, don't look much farther out than that. Money is a big factor in all this. I still work for a living so time is also a factor."

Hard Times is at Sensual Fun (20/156/22). 

Update: Just after posting the article, I heard the location had moved. It is now at Segarra Estates (25/186/21).

Bixyl Shuftan