Thursday, December 22, 2022

Cynthia Farshore's Santa Sleigh Ride

By Bixyl Shuftan

 Christmas has come to Second Life, and the various communities are celebrating in their own way. This includes the Sunweaver Estates. The main venue, Club Cutlass, put up some decorations, including a tree, a gift-giving box that gives those in the Sunweaver group several presents, and a Santa that gives you a gift for those on the nice list.
Also at Cutlass is a sign advertising an attraction, a Santa sleigh ride. Touching it will give you a landmark to the location, at Farshore Field in Sunlight Bay (220/86/22).

Heading to Farshore Field, Cynthia Farshore showed me the sled.

Getting on, Saint Nick appeared, and got the reindeer to start pulling the sled down the runway.

"Clear Let's take off." And up we went.

We went past Joy Mountain.

"We'll let the deer romp through the woods a bit."

"Buzz the Bismark."

"Tried not to make just a straight boring ride," Cynthia told me, "In 20 minutes you cover all of Sunweaver and can see many of it's sights and attractions."


"Let's do a touch and go"

Flying over Sunweaver Bay, Santa would point out an amusement park, "Please do come by the place below it has a huge amount of holiday attractions!"

"We pause a moment to respect those we have lost and are not with us in body but now are in spirit."

Going into Pacific Waters and passing Mouse Hole Manor.

Passing the White Vixen Enterprises office, and approaching Gil Ottared's home, with it's ironclad ships and "Emma's Tower."

Passing the launch pad with regular rocket service to Club Zero Gravity, Glitch Troncon's "Tron house," and Penny Shuftan's "Friendly Lots." 

We went by the Newser office


The approach to the airport, "Landing on runway 9."
And back at the airport, "We have landed Back at Farshore Field of which we humbly thank her for providing us a remote base. Hope you enjoyed your ride! Merry Christmas! HO HO HO!"

Bixyl Shuftan

Friday, December 16, 2022

Tiny Carolers and North Pole Village

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Over the weekend I visited a few parties and events that were so Christmasy and then went looking for Santa. I stopped over at Benny's Christmas Trees and More where the Raglan carolers were doing a gesture show of their favorite music. Here is one tune.

[12:46] Raglan Shire Carolers:
~*~ You Better Watch Out, ~*~
~*~ You Better Not Cry,~*~
~*~ You Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why, ~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS Is Coming,~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS is Coming To Towwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn,

They had many more! Of course they finished with the infamous river dance everyone loves go see.

I also went over to a skating and dancing party at Ipperwich where dj Scott was spinning tunes for everyone! The whole family was there and having a great time along with residents and friends of Mount Campion. It will be a busy few weeks coming for him!

And then I made a long stop at one of my favorite places to visit every Christmas, “Christmas at North Pole Village & Santa's Workshop – Winter”. I am glad it is always there. The walls of ice and snow carve a path down the hill, past the Crystal Ice Caves to the door of the village where Santa, Mrs santa and and his 56 elves and 8 reindeer live and work.

Once you open the door to the little town you are in a land of enchantment. The town square holds tiny buildings filled with working elves. There are always little critters and elves skating and hanging out.
I always stop in at the Newspaper to say hi to those elves. They are easy to recognized with their little human faces. The post office is always busy at this time of year, loaded with carts of letters arriving by the minute.

The younger elves are busy learning about their future jobs in the school. It is a pleasure to see them. The longest visit is to the castle where elves are busy wrapping gifts to go out on the sleigh. In the kitchen others are making cookies and gingerbread. Mrs Claus is overseeing the work.

Upstairs is the dormitory where those off duty rest and sleep. A visit to Santa’s nearby bedroom is great fun. He is rarely there so I jump on his bed.

I know where to find him. Outside the Castle I walk down the icy path to the reindeer barn. Here I find him working with the reindeer for the big night when he takes off to fly through the air to you. I always help him take off for a practice run. You can do that too when you visit. Before you leave drop by the bakery and have some hot coffee with the elves there. They are always happy to see visitors.

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, December 5, 2022

Christmas Locations, Part Four

By Gemma Cleanslate

A visit to Tayren’s Holiday.

Tayren has such a marvelous region at wintertime. Her large shop is full of wonderful period clothing for both women and men.. I own several of her outfits from years back. It is a great place to get outfits for role play in medieval settings. Once outside again check out the little sheds in which you will find wonderful holiday items she also makes.

Then head up to the top of the hill. Here a little village of shops invites you to go in. Do that! In many of the shops you are going to find boxes of freebies under the trees. Santa is watching you grab those boxes and smiling. In one shop I sat to visit with some elves who were supposed to be working but I think were having a coffee break.

Wander farther down the hill and into the woods and find yourself entranced. Fairies live here in tiny homes in the trees and rocks, each one individual in design. They are sweet and delicate and friendly. It all adds to the season in the snow. Take your horse for a ride in the snow.

I get a real kick out of visiting Never You Mind. I have not met the owner, Harley (Harleywan Haggwood), but his name really makes me think he would have to be the creator of the cute creatures he makes. They are funny and endearing. One of the reasons I think I have never met him is that he is an Aussie so rarely the time zones meet. His creatures are everywhere singing and smiling as you arrive

He also makes things that fly and other things to ride on water or land. He has very unique Christmas scenes too, like the cake cart above. Take a walk all around to see the quaint buildings, trees and all Harley has to offer for your regions and your fun travels. If you join the group you will get some great little critters as gifts.

I also went shopping in Maine, Portland Maine SL that is. It is the first time I have been shopping here and I loved it. It is so quaint. I have a special fondness for Maine as I like to visit it every spring before the crowds arrive. The entrance is near a New England Church with a few homes and a post office near by. The little cabins of many styles are showplaces for so much nice décor for sale. I saw more beautiful snow globes but controlled myself. It is fun just to walk in the falling snow and peak inside each one to see what they offer. There is outside and inside décor all over . I saw some furry Santas and other characters as furries too. How about a box of 22 grinches ! An Advent calendar is at the entrance too.

Santa was there with a whole line of children waiting to tell him what they want. There are many cute comical scenes to be found here for the fun loving people to put outside their homes or on an island or in a club. Cute little buildings are for sale too at great prices. Take a tour and take a spin on the large skating pond. I also found presents in various places so look for them too.

The famous Macy’s Christmas Parade is running now on tour at Unincorporated Oregon. 70 Floats, many interactive are making their way down the street. They are so sweet. It is a great place to take photos and take family and friends for fun riding along the parade route.

Also see the teleport to take you up to the lovely little ice skating pond. It is another great place for a snowball fight! There is a bill board near the beginning of the parade route where you can accept the experience. Santa is up there too. Look for the sleds for down hill racing. ]Thanks to Franny DJ and the owners and managers of Oregon for hosting the parade this year. It will be running every day with its own music.
Gemma Cleanslate

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday I was so happy to learn that DJ Frannie has set up her marvelous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade again this year. 

Due to real-life issues it is not in New York City as usual but is way out in Oregon on tour! In case you can’t get to the Macy parade, it will be followed by the spectacular Christmas parade too! I am so glad. There are about 70 floats and balloons that are so much fun .

The owners of the regions are   Emma Aduviri and Lukas Aduviri  Dragon Knight, Emma Aduviri and Bella Veliz are the Estate Managers. They all invited Frannie DJ to bring her  parades here .

All her floats are going down the street as usual. Not only can you stand and watch but hop on the float and become part of the fun. Turn off your music to hear the parade music and have a great time! Here is the beginning of the parade where you can hop on a float and ride all the way to the end and then come back and start over ! Bring your friends.

I took a tour of this region while I was there and found so much to explore. This is the modern north west. There are delightful homes, well paved and maintained roads, and even a McDonalds and other food cafes. I saw a great fire department with fire engines at the ready.

Up above on the mountain there is a delightful skating area where you may like to go after watching the parade! I understand there are mountain caves, horseback trails, and role play possibilities in inexpensive homes. Here is the skating.I will have to go back to explore more .

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Christmas Shopping at Dench Designs and Snuggles Holidays

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is that time again! Christmas shopping time. No sooner did the orange and black disappear than out came the green and red at and bright lights many shops . One of my very favorites opened the Christmas shop the very next day after Halloween and I was so happy to see it.

Amanda Dench has such a fun Christmas shopping area I love getting there to look at everything and pick up all the freebies offered to members of her group and check out the bargain corner where past goodies are offered for only 5 or 10L. You find all these gifts and items on the second floor, always my first destination.

Outside the Christmas store at Dench Designs are charming little winter scenes that fit any parcel or region. I love to see Santa riding a bike in the snow. There is a giant Santa dancing at the door of the shop.

Inside are the wonderful fireplaces, trees, and so many fun animesh dancers. Jump on a dancer and see how you look with that partner for dancing! There are wonderful new full avatars this year too and wearable dancers from penguins to Santa himself. They are great fun to bring to a party. I had to buy one. I always say I am not going to buy things while doing these articles but guess what. The prices are right too!! And, if you join the group there is a 50% discount on many items.

Another favorite place to visit because it is so organized so you can find your favorite types of décor easily is at Snuggles Holidays, The Christmas at Snuggles . I also love the name of the regions. Gnomes, trees, animals and so much more.

Inside the huge shop there are décorations for your home interior and more. Looking for Christmas cards? There is a generous collection of various cards for loved ones, family and friends.

If you have a friend who loves and collects bears and want to make a gift of one a really good choice is found here too. Look for the teleport to and from inside and outside décor. The place is large so plan some time to look around. I joined the group to get an avatar for Christmas gatherings at a really low price. I will be searching for more good shopping for you in the next days.
Gemma Cleanslate