Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Gemma Cleanslate

Saturday I was so happy to learn that DJ Frannie has set up her marvelous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade again this year. 

Due to real-life issues it is not in New York City as usual but is way out in Oregon on tour! In case you can’t get to the Macy parade, it will be followed by the spectacular Christmas parade too! I am so glad. There are about 70 floats and balloons that are so much fun .

The owners of the regions are   Emma Aduviri and Lukas Aduviri  Dragon Knight, Emma Aduviri and Bella Veliz are the Estate Managers. They all invited Frannie DJ to bring her  parades here .

All her floats are going down the street as usual. Not only can you stand and watch but hop on the float and become part of the fun. Turn off your music to hear the parade music and have a great time! Here is the beginning of the parade where you can hop on a float and ride all the way to the end and then come back and start over ! Bring your friends. 

I took a tour of this region while I was there and found so much to explore. This is the modern north west. There are delightful homes, well paved and maintained roads, and even a McDonalds and other food cafes. I saw a great fire department with fire engines at the ready.

Up above on the mountain there is a delightful skating area where you may like to go after watching the parade! I understand there are mountain caves, horseback trails, and role play possibilities in inexpensive homes. Here is the skating.I will have to go back to explore more . http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elizabeth/190/99/143

Gemma Cleanslate

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