Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Burnal Equinox : Time Travel

By Gemma Cleanslate

 This weekend I spent another roaming about. I usually am a Ranger at Burn2 events but skipped it this time. Over the weekend they held a fun event called “Burn2 Burnal Equinox :Time Travel.“ I went over as a visitor and viewed some of the awesome builds that occupied Deep Hole. The charming Angelicus Boys Choir was performing on their stage. Their voices are always appreciated at the events and it was well attended.

DJ Puddles was on her stage after that. She also does a wonderful job of live videoing the activities going on all over the playa during the events now.

Here are some of the creations of the future and past that were gracing the playa. Though the event is over you may like to go check out the installations and pick up some of the new gifts at the gift center near the entrance.

My next visit was to my campsite at Yosemite to check on the rental. I will be telling you about Yosemite in a future article but this is a great place to have a camp where I can escape and think and write and relax. The many activities there are well worth the visits.

I did a little shopping and also took a dash around the Linden Realms for some lindens to use for donations to the Relay for Life… (another article followup on the Reams coming...)

Gemma Cleanslate