Monday, November 6, 2023

Liquid Gold Dance Group Gallery And New Exhibit At Peale Museum

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Liquid Gold Dance Group has a lovely region for their activities. One of the buildings is a gallery owned by Lin Carlucci. October 2 I was invited to an opening for a good friend of mine, Beertje :. (Beertje Beaumont). I have known Beertje as a member of my Philosophy class for many years and also she is known for her beautiful fashion shop store, !!La Beaumonde ,where she has elegant gowns and jewelry on the Amsterdam Region. We also golf together most weeks.

I was unaware however what a marvelous real life artist she is. She has imported her real life art pieces into second life and are now on exhibit at Galley until January. Many of her pieces are done with texturing.

Several are hauntingly beautiful portraits from her work in real life. I was taken by her rendition of shore birds since I have been a birder for many years and will be putting them on my wall at home.

The reception was well attended and many friends were present . Her works are for sale at the gallery .Be sure to get her gift when you go. It is one of her jewelry sets, necklace, earrings, tiara for the ladies and a sweet carnation pin for the gents which I would certainly wear so I took it too. Here is the entrance.

Last week I went to a new exhibit at the Peale Museum that was very different. The Peale is a replica of the Peale Community Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. This exhibit by Leeboot is the very same exhibit they hosted recently in Baltimore and it has been imported to SL. Lee Boot is a painter and media artist. He is the Director of UMBC’s Imaging Research Center, and an affiliate Associate Professor in the Departments of Visual Arts and Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His background is extensive and it is all explained at this exhibit which will be there more or less permanently.

As he talked about his background and his various life experiences and how they affected his art I felt I was looking into his expression of the mind and brain. There are many metaphors in the surreal images. You will see as you follow the arrows that there are explanatory videos along the way to help you understand how the art came to be and perhaps some meanings one would never recognize until the video explains it all.

It reminded me of stream of consciousness writing transferred into art.

Although Lee has been an artist for many years his work now is dedicated to how art can affect and assist young people and assist them mentally. He became a researcher in. how to use media to further the arts, public policy, importance of culture and how it drives human behavior and impacts the world. The videos will help to explain it all much more fully. Here is the entrance with the opening video,
Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Virtuoso/JAPA Halloween/Fall Strut

By Dancerina Starlight

 Are you like many who steal a thoughtful memory or two from some great events that captured your warm Summer 2023 months? This past summer was busy and fun for dancers at Virtuoso.  From their summer showcase, "Into the Woods," Adventurous Dance Challenge, Intensive Summer Dance Camp, Summer World Dance, Steampunk Showcase--just to name a few, how can anyone easily remove such indelible memories? And, these dedicated dancers haven't slowed down - with their commitment to dance, Fall was greeted with the same dance energy and fancy feet welcome!

On Saturday, October 28, nine Virtuoso dancers embraced harvest season and all the other spooky "stuff" that comes with this time of the year.  With Sexy to spooky costumes, they participated in the 2023 VIRTUOSO/JAPA HALLOWEEN/FALL STRUT, coordinated by Delaney Jenson and had a blast! 

Choreographers were Rose (Day-O), Morganna (Quid Pro Quo), Sagia (Zombie Zoo), Sultry (Spooky Scary Skeletons), Dancerina (When Fall Comes to New England), Ravyn (Dolls), Janji (If I only Had a Brain), Sarah (Witchy Woman), and Cassy (Somebody's Watching Me). They came with their individual and collective energy and dance spirit to strut their Autumn dance numbers. A strut is a choreographed dance made in the Smooth Dancer.  It allows guests to join the dance via each dancer's inviter - affording everyone present to dance as a whole group.  No stage sets or dance movers are needed (Delaney Jenson 2023).

Approximately forty guests braved the spook and footloose with choreographers. The song selections meshed well as choreographers and guests cheered each other for doing a great job!

Rose, like Dorothy, longed to go home. It seemed support dancer, Maestro, Morganna's four-legged accompanied dancer appeared to only flaunt his beautiful, thin black velvet fur and green eyes, but nonetheless captivated everyone with his presence. Sagia kept company with the zoo zombies. Sarah, flew off in thin air on her fancy broom. Sultry insisted her bare bones were all she needed to live. Autumn leaves gently blew and flew here and there as Ravyn played with dolls. Janji needed to be convinced she had a brain, while Curious Cassy's laser eyes penetrated the darkness with her self-made effects! The strut concluded with great free-styling from Ravyn!--Myriad talent, energy, synergy, spirit, and togetherness in the name of dance.  

These dancers discovered each other while being professionally trained at Journey Academy of the Performing Arts (JAPA)--Classes of 2021 and 2023 and while enrolled in any of many dance classes.  

While they continue to broaden their dance perspectives in varying spaces, they remain linked to their source, JAPA.

Klark Harvy, JAPA Principal and Performance Director of VIRTUOSO,  established the group to inspire talented people to come together for full show performances, and as guests, solos and groups, at the Virtuoso Theatres, and special events (Klark Harvy, 2017). Of course, Principal Klark showed up wearing his Principal face and fun face, dressed to impress the zoo zombies!

Vice Principal Delaney Jenson works very closely with Principal Klark on all levels at JAPA and Virtuoso. She teaches all of the Spot On Tools and gives presentations in some areas of dance. 

Through the mentoring program, she assists students in dance and personal development.  She coordinated the Halloween/Fall Strut and showed up splendidly sexy and ready to direct as she keeps her pulse on her next project.

What's on the rest of Virtuoso's 2023 calendar - well, the work almost never ends. The company multi-tasks with on-going dance project management. Currently, the company is preparing for Oliver, a very complex and moving program scheduled for December as well into 2024 as well as preparing to dance on Veteran's Day, and perhaps a Holiday strut.  

JAPA is a learning institution for dance, personal development, and life. There is a balance of professionalism and human consideration in both worlds.  For further information and consideration, please contact Principal Klark Harvy or Vice Principal Delaney Jenson. Virtuoso membership is by Director invite only.  

Dancerina Starlight

Monday, October 23, 2023

Luna's Empire Ghost Hunt For Halloween 2023

By Bixyl Shuftan

 A year ago, the Newser reported on the Ghostbusters-themed Ghost Hunt in the pony-themed Luna's Empire sim. A year later, the game is back. It's gotten some improvements, which make for more interesting gameplay. 

As before, the game isn't just for ponies, but open for just about all avatars to play (the very large and those smaller than tinies will likely have trouble). A board in the entrance room gives some instructions on how to play.

Just outside are more instructions about how to use the HUD, and explaining one change to the game: classes of ghost hunters. You can choose to be a "Binder" whose shots slow down ghosts. You can be a Hunter, whose capture of a number of regular ghosts can bring on a boss ghost. And finally you can be a Cleaner, whose shots can clean slime off other players.

Clicking the instructions outside, you get a hud, a map, two guns (one for ponies and the other made for human and anthro avies) and an emitter.

One other change in the game this year, the ghosts can slime you. The slime bar on your HUD goes up, and your screen appears streaked with good. Besides feeling icky, this can reduce the candy you get for busting ghosts. The more you're slimed, the less candy you get. To clean off the slime, you need to either bathe in the fountain near where you get the HUD and gear, or another player on "Cleaner" mode uses his gun to zap it away. Sometimes there's always a cleaner around to help you, and other times you wait for a while and end up walking to the fountain to wash up on your own. 

Most of the ghosts are regular ones, with one or two circles over their heads. 

They just take several seconds to zap, weaken, and trap. Just don't be too close so they won't charge, touch, and slime you. A typical reward is ten candies.

Some of the regular ghosts do look like "Slimer" from "Ghostbusters" (hard to see in this picture).

Less common are those with three, four, or five circles over them.

These boss ghosts are tougher, and will need multiple people to take down. Fortunately, you can call for help, and others will see a red "X" on the map where you did. The result will be people closing on the boss ghost to bust it to get a share of it's greater candy prize. 

About every couple hours, a much more powerful boss ghost will appear. You can't just simply zap him, but apparently one will need to take out some pillars around the pond he appears in first. 

It also throws splotches of slime around, which hunters will need to zap and clean up. 

Taking down this bad boy takes effort, and likely getting slimmed and cleaned up a lot. But the rewards are great. For helping out, I got 1000 pieces of candy.

 What to do with all that candy? One can use it to buy prizes. The majority of them are for ponies, but not every single one.

There is a scoreboard for the top players. Some guys and girls have done a lot of 'bustin. 

Going around, there's a variety of players.

There's also plenty of Halloweenish scenery (G-rated) in the sim.

Have fun ghostbusting.
Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Burn2 Is Coming

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Burn2 , the Burning Man in second life is opening soon as you saw in the press release.

Meetings are going on planning activities for the week and detailing projects to be completed and ready for the opening October 6. I checked in to see if the town of Gerlach was ready for us all. The office , the Saloon, the workshop are all there . For newbies there is a help area to get them ready for second life movements and clothing for them is available.

Iskye Silverweb reminds all that “As is our tradition, our event’s theme is the same as Burning Man’s, which is ANIMALIA, an exploration of the animal worlds both real and imagined, and humanity’s place in it. Every year, artists and creatives are invited to get their plots to create homes and art installations in our virtual temporary city. For 2023, we have a total of 12 regions of virtual playa - plenty of space for seasoned and new Burners to build their art, theme camps, and even camp villages. Read about it here:

The gift area grows every year as artists add their gifts to the piles. There is a dumpster also and for the first time in a long time I did a dumpster dive to see what was in there.. some nice prizes.. don’t pass it by without stopping! The event is getting closer and closer every day. Get ready to travel all the 12 regions and visit all the stages. The Fashionistas will present their take on clothing to wear and there will be live performances and so much fun. I have set up my Ranger Plot out on Silverfox with a resting place if you want to stop by and take a rest on my bear rug and get information from the books on the table. See you on the playa and Welcome Home!

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Walk of Art

 By Gemma Cleanslate

I mentioned that on our tour with Andee Cooper led by Isa ( Isalia Michalak),  , we also visited another gallery. It is one I had been to years ago but absolutely loved so was happy to experience it all again. The name is Walk of Art and does involve walking up and up to different levels where themes are diverse but connected. Treacle Darlandes and her team created this massive installation.

As you climb to each site stop along the way to read the many inspiring words of love, loss, beauty and compassion that are a large part of the exhibit.. They are the basis of the themes in the art you will see. Treacle took memories of her own and others from real life and second life and celebrated them here .

While you travel up the stairs and reach another theme there are interactive items to use while viewing that site. Here we swing as we read. 

Here we swing as we read. 

Parts of this creation are alive with movement that you cannot see in photos so I hope you will go visit each level, climbing those stairs through the stars until you reach the top. There is a lovely gift for you.

From there you can teleport back to Treacle’s awe inspiring gallery full of her art. Take a walk outside to see more of her fantastic art. If you walk far enough you can visit the Lawst Paradise Castle which is entirely another adventure.  This is the entrance to the walk.