Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Virtuoso/JAPA Halloween/Fall Strut

By Dancerina Starlight

 Are you like many who steal a thoughtful memory or two from some great events that captured your warm Summer 2023 months? This past summer was busy and fun for dancers at Virtuoso.  From their summer showcase, "Into the Woods," Adventurous Dance Challenge, Intensive Summer Dance Camp, Summer World Dance, Steampunk Showcase--just to name a few, how can anyone easily remove such indelible memories? And, these dedicated dancers haven't slowed down - with their commitment to dance, Fall was greeted with the same dance energy and fancy feet welcome!

On Saturday, October 28, nine Virtuoso dancers embraced harvest season and all the other spooky "stuff" that comes with this time of the year.  With Sexy to spooky costumes, they participated in the 2023 VIRTUOSO/JAPA HALLOWEEN/FALL STRUT, coordinated by Delaney Jenson and had a blast! 

Choreographers were Rose (Day-O), Morganna (Quid Pro Quo), Sagia (Zombie Zoo), Sultry (Spooky Scary Skeletons), Dancerina (When Fall Comes to New England), Ravyn (Dolls), Janji (If I only Had a Brain), Sarah (Witchy Woman), and Cassy (Somebody's Watching Me). They came with their individual and collective energy and dance spirit to strut their Autumn dance numbers. A strut is a choreographed dance made in the Smooth Dancer.  It allows guests to join the dance via each dancer's inviter - affording everyone present to dance as a whole group.  No stage sets or dance movers are needed (Delaney Jenson 2023).

Approximately forty guests braved the spook and footloose with choreographers. The song selections meshed well as choreographers and guests cheered each other for doing a great job!

Rose, like Dorothy, longed to go home. It seemed support dancer, Maestro, Morganna's four-legged accompanied dancer appeared to only flaunt his beautiful, thin black velvet fur and green eyes, but nonetheless captivated everyone with his presence. Sagia kept company with the zoo zombies. Sarah, flew off in thin air on her fancy broom. Sultry insisted her bare bones were all she needed to live. Autumn leaves gently blew and flew here and there as Ravyn played with dolls. Janji needed to be convinced she had a brain, while Curious Cassy's laser eyes penetrated the darkness with her self-made effects! The strut concluded with great free-styling from Ravyn!--Myriad talent, energy, synergy, spirit, and togetherness in the name of dance.  

These dancers discovered each other while being professionally trained at Journey Academy of the Performing Arts (JAPA)--Classes of 2021 and 2023 and while enrolled in any of many dance classes.  

While they continue to broaden their dance perspectives in varying spaces, they remain linked to their source, JAPA.

Klark Harvy, JAPA Principal and Performance Director of VIRTUOSO,  established the group to inspire talented people to come together for full show performances, and as guests, solos and groups, at the Virtuoso Theatres, and special events (Klark Harvy, 2017). Of course, Principal Klark showed up wearing his Principal face and fun face, dressed to impress the zoo zombies!

Vice Principal Delaney Jenson works very closely with Principal Klark on all levels at JAPA and Virtuoso. She teaches all of the Spot On Tools and gives presentations in some areas of dance. 

Through the mentoring program, she assists students in dance and personal development.  She coordinated the Halloween/Fall Strut and showed up splendidly sexy and ready to direct as she keeps her pulse on her next project.

What's on the rest of Virtuoso's 2023 calendar - well, the work almost never ends. The company multi-tasks with on-going dance project management. Currently, the company is preparing for Oliver, a very complex and moving program scheduled for December as well into 2024 as well as preparing to dance on Veteran's Day, and perhaps a Holiday strut.  

JAPA is a learning institution for dance, personal development, and life. There is a balance of professionalism and human consideration in both worlds.  For further information and consideration, please contact Principal Klark Harvy or Vice Principal Delaney Jenson. Virtuoso membership is by Director invite only.  

Dancerina Starlight

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