Wednesday, February 5, 2020

My Top Five Second Life Creators

By Cyfir

I want to start off by saying that this is not my full list of favorite creators. If you are not on here and know that I use your products, please do not be offended. I likely forgot and will likely make another one of these lists later. These are just the ones that I’ve thought of as of writing this, and I tried to order them in as fair a way as possible which was very hard. My boyfriend isn’t even number one on the list. If you have any suggestions for future such articles or are a creator yourself, don’t hesitate to message me. I’m always wanting to give those who give to the Second Life community the recognition they deserve. I usually AFK when I’m in bed but I’ll get back to you when I can. Without further ado, here is the list:


5: Isil Designs - Beth Delaunay

From furniture, buildings, building kits, streets and lights, this mostly sci-fi themed store has it all. It also helps that their work is absolutely gorgeous and well textured and takes full advantage of advanced lighting. I’ve used their products for years and I would recommend them for anyone who is looking for quality sci-fi themed stuff.

4: Candle and Cauldron - November Nighthearth

As a practicing Wiccan, I’ve loved the quality C and C products. Unfortunately, there’s currently no MarketPlace to link to because they are currently on hiatus. For details on why, you can read their FaceBook post here. I really hope they decide to come back refreshed and enjoy what they’ve created for us in the community again. What I’m trying to say is, please come back

3: Lab Rats - Rick Xerx

 Full Disclosure Again: This is my boyfriend. I may have a little bias, but he’s on this list because he’s helped me so much in pulling off custom texture work that I’ve needed done, most notably for my catseye feet paws for my black and purple DSD Fennec. They just wouldn’t have lined up with the rest of the avatar’s texture any other way but I wanted to use them with the Signature Gianni body.

2: TOXIC-X - Sugar Paw (AKA Casio)

Full Disclosure: She’s my Second Life sister, but she does a lot of coding magic for the Second Life community behind the scenes and absolutely deserves to be on this list. I’ve treasured everything she’s ever made for me and I use products from her store daily.

1: Dark Spot Designs - Oken

My fursona may be a demon, but I’ve mostly always come back to the Dark Spot Designs purple and black fennec for my Second Life identity. There’s just something about the head and ear shape that resonate with me. I got to meet Oken and DJ for the release party of the DSD Fennec 3.0 which I still wear today.


So who are your favorite creators? Which products in Second Life do you like the most? Sound off in the comments and let’s give some Second Life creators the recognition they deserve.

Update: After sending in the article, I found out Candle and Cauldron announced, "Due to popular request the in-world and MP stores will remain open, though support will be limited."