Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Studio 33 and Gee's Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate

I love arriving at Art and Galley at Studio 33. The entry is set up similar to the LEA Welcome area . One can see all the artists that are exhibiting at the time. Studio 33 is a long established gallery, but I have not been here in a while to visit.  The main gallery is a delight to walk through. There are pieces by many artists of many different genres and styles. You will definitely see something to fall in love with.

The exhibit of the month is reached by teleport . Donna Giordano (Ohsoleomio Resident) is an artist in real-life and Second Life. Her lovely splashes of color really pop on the walls. Of her work she says in her bio,” My work is a mix of bright bold opaque strokes full of energy and soft, quiet, watery and translucent hues. Some simple, some complex. Layer upon layer, sometimes up to 20 layers or more of colors, textures and forms.

I love to experiment therefore I don't have one set style. No one ever knows what I might come up with next, including myself!”  I saw some lovely quiet subtle pieces among the vibrant ones.

Outside her gallery area is a large vibrating movement piece by Pol Jarvinen whose pieces I have seen in so many places and events. His picks on his profile is an art gallery in itself!  A visit to Studio 33 is always such a pleasure.

I next dropped in at my friend, Gee (GeeJAnn Blackadder) ‘s Gallery, Active Interiors Garden in Mooter. It is a lovely building filled with art from Gee and also invited artists. The Gallery has been in Second Life since 2009. Gee has a great sense of humor and is very pithy with her sayings. Her greeter I found beautiful pieces both static and moving on the three floors.

 On the upper floor I found a sculpt that Gee had given me several years ago. I have it on my home roof patio. There it is.

The top floor holds the real-life art work of the artist ,Vandug Resident. The paintings of nature works, for the most part, are enchanting.

Outside the Gallery there is the Art Yard also filled with exhibits of invited artists. It is a refreshing place to relax as you view the the pieces on the wall.

I found Gee, Silvia Ametza and Kimble (kimblecoles Resident) working on a new venture... “evocative skits” according to Gee. They have been working on this since July. If you would like to see the skits come to  Thursdays at 6am SL time.

To visit the Gallery and the Art Yard 

Gemma Cleanslate