Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Philosophy of Furniture

By Gemma Cleanslate

I found a gem at the LEA 18 for you to visit. It is called The Philosophy of Furniture, and is based on an essay by Edgar Allen Poe written in 1840. Poe is well known for several of his novels and of course his poems. ‘The Ravens” is one that most people have had contact with around the world in one form or another. Since Poe relied on his writings for income, he did many essays and articles for varied magazines over his too short life. . Evidently Poe was very critical of America’s decor in homes, and possibly the homes themselves.  He wrote with a certain disdain of them. Actually as you go through the entire essay there is criticism of almost every decor in many lands.

When you arrive in the region at the entrance there are posts that will link you to the essay itself and to a analysis of the essay. Or if you would like to listen to it there is an audio for you .A large events board is set up for coming events.As you look around in the distance there are many homes with posters behind them . Now you can teleport to a house and begin your tour there or just start walking.

At the entrance of each house  is an easel that holds a pithy saying about the particular home you are entering and its interior.

Each home is meticulously adorned with furniture of the day mid 1800‘s. It is fun to read the description then view the room. I walked most of the sim entering each home and chuckling at the posters.

I took a walk on the roadways and came across a  penny-farthing bicycle with a large front wheel of the time. Then I took a ride around the sim. It is easy to maneuver so don’t miss that thrill. The ravens fly and caw throughout the sim  listen to their call.

This wonderful exhibit was put together by three Second Life artists, Daark Gothly, Mazie Halpern, and Cienega Soon. The opening was at a ball of the 1800‘s held on May 19th and I am sorry I missed it. It is an amazing installation when one considers the essay on which it is based. It took an abundance of decorations from all over the world that would fit the essay. I applaud all the work here and really enjoyed my visit. Don’t miss it.

 If you are a poet or in one of the poetry groups and would like to bring your poetry to the sim check out the poetry corner information at the entrance too. It seemed to me that Poe was being satirical at times in the essay. But I am not that familiar with many of his essays, so perhaps that is just me.  It might be fun for you to listen to the audio reading of the essay as you explore the homes. 

.Take a look at the stages as you pass by. I believe one is the poetry corner, on the main party stage and the other I am not sure. I will be going back for more visits to check out more .This exhibit will be here until June 29. Daark has been having internet issues, but said to watch the events board at the end of the first week of June for events.  Here you go!

Gemma Cleanslate