Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The VWBPE Grounds

 By Gemma Cleanslate

I made a visit to the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) Monday just to let you get a glimpse of what a visit there will look like. The programs look wonderful with great presenters as usual. The Press  Release contains the information.

The venue is quite different from the past years.  Last year it was in space This year it is solidly on the ground. It is titled’ Uncommon Realities’. You will have a wonderful Hud to guide you to the sites for presentations and social event .When you arrive at the Gateway, grab the Swag Bag that contains the hud and other items that will help you on the vast area.

Various Biomes await you from desert to forest.  I looked up a definition of Biome just to be sure , it is”  a biome is a community made of all the habitats in a given region and climate. Different organisms inhabit different types of biomes. “As you travel from one biome to another you will find an explanation of each.

 I was taken especially by The Wetlands. It is expansive and lovely. The building there contains lots of information about wetlands . There will be a guided tour there one day. Check the program for the time and day.

The auditorium where the Keynote speeches will be held as well as some other large events is delightful and there is plenty of room in different sections.

The place of remembering those who have gone from life is the Lest We Forget. I stopped there. Ebbe Linden’s plaque was prominent at the entry way. Take a walk to see the others remembered. Here is the full program for you to peruse. Some of the presentations may peak your interest.

Scattered among the biomes along the roads  you will find structures such as this . Inside it a wealth of information about The University of New Mexico. There are many in each biome. Walk around and check everything. Look for some nice gifts as you go along. Look through the events clicking on the picture and see what you like. The social events are always fun and all are welcome . Freebies will be found in the social area. I picked up an outfit, some  sneakers and other items. . Here is the gateway.

I will be a host Ranger at the event for the 5th year I think .  I found my outfit and this is how to recognize me. Say Hi!

Gemma Cleanslate