Friday, May 31, 2019

A Look At A Linden Houseboat

By Gemma Cleanslate

I thought I would bring you up date on my new Linden Houseboat.  Finally I was able to acquire one on the last release day. It was hard work as many hundreds who did not make it will attest. I actually brought my laptop to work to check on the release. There are many left waiting again so I consider myself so lucky!

I love the location too!! It is in the far northeast corner of ... right next to a spit that is unoccupied. It is next to ... beach . To the west of my boat is the bay. It is almost like a private island!!  I can hope over to the spit and take my horse for a ride all over the peninsula and check out the decor of the other decks.

I started with one model and was decorating a friend came to visit. We talked about the model and the sloping back wall. After going over and checking out his model I thought about it and decided to change. There is a lifesaver on the dock next to each house that gives one the option of 4 models. Just press and voila! Of course I had to move and reinstall all my furniture but I managed it.

With the prim allowance I have two boats in my boat slip. I rezzed some things I really like but don’t have room for at my other home in Thorstar. I found an SL14B kittycat in my inventory and rezzed her too!!  I had a few issues with finding her swimming under water when she was tiny but now that she is over 5 days and larger she seems to be stabilizing on the floor of the houseboat. My other kitty , Puffin, won’t be jealous since she lives at Thorstar.  I still have some prims to play with  when i can look at all the decor I have saved .

I know that the Moles are overburdened right now with the SL16B and  getting more Linden Homes ready for those panting for them.  Ihear that there is also a new model of Linden Home to be introduced at the SL16B Have faith and maybe some patience! It is worth the wait! The community is forming groups for various activities I must check into. My home is called Peace.  If you would like to visit let me know.

Gemma Cleanslate