Monday, February 13, 2017

Avatar Review: The Fluff Fox by Cloak Farigoule

By Grease Coakes

Many furries remember the club that was once Anthroxtacy or AX for short for furries. Well trained exotic dancers and a full roster of djs including Aurora Avila added to an excellent club atmosphere
Sadly Anthroxtacy closed it’s doors a few years ago. If you look in my profile you’ll still see those AX tags.

Like any furry I was browsing around the SL marketplace poking around for a new avatar. I happened to see a familiar name that was a regular at AX, one Cloak Farigoule. Who happens to be well known around the furry scene for being a gifted scripter and builder. Cloak had an excellent idea that was in his Fluff fox for 900L. The idea of changing your fox to any color you wish. No more buying a favorite avatar just to get different colors.

A HUD comes with the avatar along with a tattoo. There’s a set of picture instructions also included. The color HUD works with eyes and fur. The wearable tattoo changes your fur color when you edit it. The avatar itself looks cartoonish, but not cheesy. It comes with fox whiskers and nice digi legs.

I happened to grab the mysterious Cloak and ask him a few questions. "What inspired you to build and script within Second Life?" I asked him. Cloak answered, "Simplicity and smaller audience." I asked him to clarify, "What do mean by smaller audience?" Cloak answered, "A better niche audience."  I asked, "The better audience that was looking for furry and or different and custom avatars?"  Cloak answered, "Better as in the idea that there is not much competition and high demand."

I nodded, "Everyone wants a fox or raccoon a certain way and not the cookie cutter avatar that's sold by vendors. Most people go for the pre-made avatars. But the true avatar hounds might want a custom look and you want those to  come  your way?" Cloak confirmed, "Of course."

I brought up, "I really like your Fluff fox avatar where you change colors what can you tell me about it? Or rather tell anyone who might not know about it reading the SL Newser?" Cloak answered, "Make it where you don't need to buy custom colors and I like the idea for more customization without always having to consistently buy different color set for each skin."

I asked, "So it's the colorful fix all for foxies. Are you releasing the same idea for other avatars or just keeping it to foxes only?" Cloak answered, "Definitely I’m working on that for my neko avatar."

Look for Cloak Farigoule on the second life market place. But if you want the fluff fox which offers male and female skins, go here: . Also included was a picture that you wear to show you how to change colors

If a new avatar was on your wish list and you wanted a fox with all the colors of the rainbow look no farther then Cloak’s Fluff fox.

Pictures were taken at the ark’s sandbox here .

Grease Coakes