Friday, September 28, 2012

Roaming the Playa at Burn2

 As  a ranger at Burn2 I take a tour most days to make sure nothing is blowing up, drifting off the sims, or blocking roadways.

As I roam I come across so many interesting items the builders bring into the playa while they are preparing their sites.

It is great fun to come across strange items and wonder what in  world they are doing there and where they came from.

One of my favorites were three little green men standing in the road chattering away in alien-ish language.
 Once in a while I heard a food word.

I am so glad I took  a picture of them before they disappeared back into space.

  I found a greeter practicing at the gate as she grilled some food on her stand.

 I snapped  pictures of some of the strange items to share with you.

 Time is passing quickly but it will all be ready for October 20.

The man is ready and the temple is appearing bit by bit. 

Gemma Cleanslate