Sunday, April 14, 2024

A Song For The Relay, "We Are Here"

By Bixyl Shuftan
Mattie Carlton/Mattie Foxpaws, is a lady of many talents. A DJ in Second Life, as well as a Relayer, she has raised more money at a few events than some teams. But she has done more than play music lately. Recently she finished a song, and contacted me about it. 

"I wanna donate it," Mattie told me over Discord, "I dunno if its Newser worthy or not, but I knew you would like to have it." Mattie would explain how it was made, "I started the lyrics back in 2020 and set it aside for a bit due to life ... I finished the songs lyrics today, while thinking about my late friend Kei (Kei Haru Paws / dante184). Then for the heck of it i started playing with the song using a vocaloid (basically a sort of synthesized voice) and with the small bits of music theory I know, and a little help from AI (to fill in some instruments I never got to learn to play) I was able to complete a final and usable cut.

"While its not what I would can a studio quality final mix or anything, its in a state it can be used as is and shared for Relay. I want no royalties or anything. This is just a gift.  A small way I can help out. I want to make up for not being there for as many events lately as well. If anyone wishes, they can also use this as framework to make their own covers or derivatives."
 [Verse 1]
It takes so many we love.
Others survive, but the pain's always the same.
It never shows mercy, and shows no bias.
A disease so well known, yet a mystery it remains.
No real cure, and many treatments,
It's oh so frightening.

We are here, for one another.
We are here, to bring and end.
Relay has saved so many,
and with our help,
It can save so many more.

[Verse 2]
Persons so tired and weathered.
With Chemo in the veins, effects that may remain.
Sometimes only adding to the pain. Please God!
So much nausea, hair falling away. Just take it all away!
The prayers of those that are fighting,
May they be answered!

We are here, for one another.
We are here, to bring and end.
Relay has saved so many,
and with our help,
It can save so many more.

Alas! When treatments are no longer needed,
Cause a cure one day found,
Harmoniously Rejoicing,
As all can walk free!
For all can be healed!

We are here, for one another.
We are here, to bring and end.
Relay has saved so many,
and with our help,
It will save so many more.
"It may not be the best written song as I'm still learning a lot about music," Mattie added, "especially music theory, and I'm not good at playing instruments so I had to use the help of computer software such but I just wanted to do something to help. I also wanted to try and express how I was feeling at the time. I'm just sick of losing people to cancer."
Mattie uploaded the song onto the Internet for people to download. To download the tune, Click Here.

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, April 1, 2024

Scenes From the Bellisseria Anniversary Grounds

 By Gemma Cleanslate

Sunday I took a tour of the marvelous area that will be the location for most of the celebration for the Bellisseria 5th anniversary . It has been coming for a long time and now it is here! From April 2 through April 30 there will be activities going on. The actual anniversary is April 15.Watch for all the notices about activities. The Planning Committee has been working months on the event. They are “ Prudence Anton, Cian Wycliffe, Riot Hax, Kalia Anatine-Hax, Stephanie Gardner, KrystalKandy, Varistentia Varriale” .

The new “fairgrounds “ is specially constructed for touring, dancing, collecting gifts, and much more.The streets near by are adorned with various houses that a Bellisserian resident can select. Each is filled with decorations by various members of the community. It you touch the billboard out front it will pass you the information about everything in the house.

I visited Xia Xevious' log house 

and walked through admiring the décor she chose for this type of home.

Then I went over to Victorian 

where she did a different style of décor that fit that home.

The Bellisserian Hammies,The Bellisseria Hamster (JessycaJayne Resident) and Varistentia Varriale, owners of the Animal Sanctuary have set up a Zoo full of animals, birds and reptiles. 

Each has their own environment and in the middle is a rock growth covered with seals and penguins. A lovely picnic area is there for your convenience. I spied some nearby food stalls. Vari said”We haz a lil Belli City Zoo for da peeples” in Hammie talk.

I recommend taking the automatic tour ride when you arrive , You will learn the history of the the Bellisseria Homes and when they first appeared. The tour “guide” will chat with you and tell you places to see during the month… and tips about hunt and searches and more gifts to be found all over the regions.

I will be suggesting more places to visit during the month. All residents of SL are invited to the celebration. Do not miss it!! The gift plaza is out of this world! Well known creators of SL have donated so many lovely items .. get ready for inventory overload!

This will set you down right next to the Automatic Tour on which two can ride .  

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Scenes From The VWBPE Grounds

By Gemma Cleanslate

 The Virtual World Best Practices in Education was a great success as it always is. The lectures and discussions were well attended and well received . 

Since I spent most of my time there hosting and assisting visitors and participants I only got to a few presentations myself but I knew I could view any lecture I wanted on the website below.

 These photos were from a wonderful story telling of Mythic Tales of the North Atlantic Coast , 

This event was not captured on the watch page but was a wonderful presentation by Delia Lake who last year gave a tour of the marvelous Wetlands Region . 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spooky tale and all the curious things we witnessed on the region as we walked through the fog.

I am already looking forward to next year!

Gemma Cleanslate

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Friday Night Enjoyment at Elysium

By Dancerina Starlight

Music - Movement - Creation - Joy - Friendship

Second Life (SL) is full of life and social activities galore. Residents find ways to enjoy the day and night life. By Thursday, conversations are about weekend plans. As we know, SL is not deprived of night life. Many people look forward to the weekend, and this weekend was no different. On Friday evening, many could be found at Elysium jump starting their SL weekend by appreciating the arts among friends.

On Friday, February 9, six choreographers and one crowd dance choreographer bedazzled the audience with eclectic ensembles and vibrant costumes. Each choreographer and dance ensemble brought to life creativity, art, passion, and commitment to the arts. Among them were Mine, Sunset, Kira, Sarah, Chrissy, Lola, and Janjii as the crowd dance choreographer.

The first dance was by Mine and her five dancers, who brought to life a club scene as they danced to "My Type." The set embodied love and dance passion.

Dance number two was choreographed by Sunset.  "Black Eyed Peas Feat" was done justice with this great choreographer.  She and five other dancers dance to a mixture of movements, including same. Their colorful body suits captivated the audience with joy.

Choreographer number three, Kira, took control of her vision, and choreographed to "Dreams." Five dancers gracefully understood the assignment and graced the stage with pastel colors and spring-like set to demonstrate purpose and dance.

"Private Dancer," number four, was choreographed by Sarah. Sarah's passion was noticeable in every cadence and movement.  All five dancers wore derby hats and body dresses with feathers. Their movements swayed to the music and lyrics of the song.

Choreography number five was done by Chrissy. She and one other dancer had the audience fixated on her performance to "Cosmic Love." This dance meant a lot to her because her father passed away exactly ten years ago, impacting a huge part of her life. However, despite her sadness, she was determined to push forward and produce beyond her sadness. And, that is what she and her fellow dancer did.

Choreographer number six, Lola and two other dance professionals were enjoying "Hoje." Their feather costumes complemented every move and rhythm of the song.

The crowd dance was choreographed by janji.  A crowd dance is the very last dance where show participants and guests dance on stage to approximately one to three songs choreographed by the designated person.  Janji choreographed a rich mixture of dances, from Bollywood to Samba. Every dance made you feel as if you were in a Brazilian carnival.

As always, it was a great show.  Elysium Cabaret always provides a mixture of music, movement, creation, joy, and friendships every Friday evening at six o'clock in The Empire Room at Copperhead Road.  The venue challenges artists and guests to allow their imagination to illuminate and set them free through dance and entertainment!  And, these choreographers and dancers did just that.  Even the audience gets an opportunity to feel the magic. At the end of every show, the venue invites everyone on stage to dance with the show participants  and celebrate the simple joy of dance as a  "Welcome to the weekend!"

The last Saturday of each month, they also perform a "Best Of" show at 1pm SLT.  This offers their friends and family in Europe a chance to come see our shows at a time that is better suited for them.

Their Second Life Location is:

Social Media:

Facebook Page:

Submitted by: Dancerina Starlight