Friday, July 28, 2023

Still More SLB Exhibits

 By Bixyl Shuftan

The Second Life Twentieth Birthday has now ended. The Lindens gave it a few more days, but nothing lasts forever. But yours truly went around to take a few pictures. 

One exhibit that got my attention was Caledon's, which gave you a quest to help out it's Catgirl Brigade.

You would go to various characters, sometimes getting gear along the way.

Your objective was to get a piece of crystal for the Brigade, after which you (and they) could go home.

I got some diving gear and a souvenir jacket out of it.

Another that got my attention was Drama Liebre's "Doodletown" cartoonish exhibit.

This camera exhibit for photography in Second Life, "Focus on Photography," I recognized from a previous SLB.

"Racing Through Time"

A list of names, possibly drivers. 

"A Java Island Journey"

There was a similar exhibit just across the road.

"Outpost 3020"

There was quite a lot to see. We may post some more pictures later. It was a great SL20B.

Bixyl Shuftan

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Serenity's "The Fantastic Future of Health"

By Bixyl Shuftan

At SLB Fabulous (213, 221, 23), there's an exhibit "The Fantastic Future of Health," by Serenity (SerenKitty). It's also called "My Adventuredom's Hedge Maze."

The first part of the exhibit was what Serenity felt were the greater problems with the current US health care system, notably working-class people sometimes having trouble getting adequate treatment for illnesses and conditions due to a system "that focuses on sick people equaling profit."

"The current model causes the sick to go without care and medicine unless they can afford it."
 There, I ran into Serenity, and Kamden (KamdenFoxHyde) who Serenity introduced as her real-life son. Serenity told me the exhibit, "nutshells our two LLCs. I head one and Kam the other."

Serenity showed me the other parts of the exhibit, "This area highlights the wellness center that we're working to build."

"The purpose of our businesses is to fund no-cost wellness and urgent care centers across the US and Canada. We opened our My Adventuredom LLC in 2020, and Kam opened his this year.

Part of the exhibit was for "animal-assisted therapy to help with physical and psychological needs." Serenity would tell me, "Kam works with horses. He volunteers and trains at a stable near our house. He's working toward training therapy horses and dogs."

We then got to the next part of the exhibit, "This area represents how we do it. Some of these businesses are currently running and some we're working to build. We offer both physical and virtual products through our various companies, all under the My Adventuredom LLC umbrella. Kam's LLC has his own brands and lines. Typically horse focused."

We went up an elevator to the treehouse part of the exhibit.

Inside were a few gifts, and a couple graphs about My Adventuredom and Sen Michaelson LLC, "These graphics display how it all works. So now you know what I do in RL, besides school. This is why Kam and I are working towards our medical doctorates so that we can work in our own clinics."

Serenity mentioned her real-life trouble on her profile's First Life page, "You also know about my autoimmune disease. That is why my focus is diagnostics and rare diseases.

"Kam is my primary caregiver. He's my right-hand man in business, school, and my health. Well, my husband helps us too. I've been with him for 25 years, so can't leave him out (laughter)."

When I asked about her time in Virtual Ability, Serenity answered, "Oh, goodness. I can't remember how long I've been there. I believe it was 2012-2016 but then I left for a few years after a friend passes away. Kam moved the class I was teaching over to Whole Brain Health and added Spanish to the Nutrition classes he intends to teach. I'm only holding Building Hour on Wednesdays at VAI at the moment.  I also volunteer with Virtual Worlds Education Consortium. I'm on the comm team, events team, and networking team."

Our conversation soon drifted to other subjects, and Serenity soon had to take care of other matters. Her exhibit at the Second Life Birthday will be around until the sims close to the public on Tuesday July 11.

More information can be found on her website at:

Bixyl Shuftan

Monday, July 3, 2023

Some SL20B Exhibits

 By Bixyl Shuftan

The Second Life Twentieth Birthday, or SL20B, has come to our virtual world, a chance for both Linden Lab and the residents to celebrate our virtual world's anniversary.  Each of the Second Life Birthday events have been special in their own right. This year, two details make it stand out. This is the first SL Birthday event in which there have been adult rated regions, for both exhibits and the Shop and Hop. It's also been the first one that some exhibits from previous anniversary events have returned. 

The Newser had one of it's own, at SLB Fantasy (104/34/24). Built by the talented Silvia Ametza (and assistants), it was about a possible future astronaut base on Jupiter's moon of Europa.

There was information about the moon, which is strongly believed to have liquid water underneath the icy surface, and possibly life.

The section of base on the surface looked small. But there was an elevator to go down.

Underneath the ice was the rest of the base, as well as what the larger life forms could be.

We have learned much in our lifetimes about the heavens. But this learning goes back over countless generations to when cavemen looked at the sky and wondered what was out there.

Nearby was the exhibit of "The League of Extraordinary Roleplayers," along with two notable stories by HG Wells represented in an unusual combination. 
DeniseUnicorn Toonie's "Econocorn Living" exhibit in SLB Beguile.

Bay City's exhibit, also in SLB Beguile.
"The Fantastic Future of Health," by Serenity (SerenKitty) at SLB Fabulous.

 Drama Liebre's "Doodletown" cartoonish exhibit, also in SLB Fabulous. 

One of the pod cars to sit in and get around without walking.

That's all for now, but more locations soon.
Bixyl Shuftan