Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pocket Metaverse

By Wesley Regenbogen

Communicating with your Second Life friends inworld is easy enough when you are at your computer or laptop. But what about when you're not logged in Second Life and not at your computer/laptop, and you want to send an IM to a friend who is in-world?
Don’t worry, there is an iPhone app for that.
Pocket Metaverse is a cool app that lets you login into your Second Life account. The free version's features are limited, but you're able to use it to get in touch with your friends. You can see who’s online and send IMs to them. There is even a minimap to see where you are in Second Life. You can also view Second Life residents' profiles.
The Pro version of the app gives more options such as allowing you to open notecards and access groups and stuff.

Although you can receive and see pictures and send snapshots you've taken earlier, you can't directly see what's around your avatar, there is no 3D world view on this app. For that, you'd have to get SL GO, but that needs at least a tablet, and costs a monthly fee. Pocket Metaverse has no monthly fee.

I have yet to try out the Pro version of Pocket Metaverse, but I probably will after using the Free one for a while.
So, if you are looking for an app to get you connected with your Second Life friends on your iPhone and iPad, Pocket Metaverse might be the app you are looking for. I suggest everyone with an iPhone or IPad  check it out. Enjoy the app and chat with your Second Life friends.
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Wesley Regenbogen

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