Monday, November 10, 2014

"Taxy! to the Zircus"

By Fritter Enzyme and Gemma Cleanslate

Take a Taxy ride into the land of the surreal at Taxy to the Zercus.  An art sim that taunts you with its interactive pieces making you part of the art.  Surreal with a scoop of Dadaism.  Start with your camera in tight.  You will begin inside a small build, touch the running faucet to get wings, of a sort. Wear them.   You will spin when you fly, or run, arms extended when walking.

You are there to be part of the show.  Shape shifting cubes are your teleporters to the areas of the work.  A game board with activities to partake in.  A cannon, with which you can try to shoot yourself through a cow.  Hat and Taxy, a tricky tea pot that can bring you to the Taxy, returning you to the start, or dropping you to different fun fanciful areas.  Sit fast, were you better find something to sit on, fast or fall.

If asked ‘Kou?’ when you click on items, chose it, you will dance with the objects and merge with the art.  And TV.  There you lock your camera on a television with a white pail of paint and a brush in it while boxes bounce around in a circle of windows surrounding you.  The music is interesting so have on.

"Taxy! to the Zircus"  by Eupalinos Ugajin is fun to return to and find all the things to do.  Look for the things to click on, or sit on.  When you fall to the reflective bottom, a very special area, there are two things down there.  One brings you back up.  Look for the other and sit on it.  It will link you to many other cool sites.

My avatar did get deformed on my first visit to the sit fast location.  It did not after that.  I could not find what did that to me, but if you have that problem, in Firestorm go to avatar health and click undeform my avatar.

Fritter Enzyme

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Eupalinos Ugajin is at it again! Those who are familiar with his art will understand. He is known for creating fun interactive art using his own pieces as well as other artists . In Taxy all the piece are his. The whole installations are usually large in scope and invite the visitors to touch everything and become part of his art. His new installation titled “Taxy! to the Zircus” in MetaLES does just that . 

When you arrive at the entrance you are invited to pick up a  pair of “wings” to move about the space. Fly off and hover in the air and tickle the moving pieces to find those that will make you a part of them and enjoy the ride,  sometimes upside down or in other precarious positions. There are several platforms where you will find TPs to other platforms if you like. 
Watch the cannon! It will shoot you out into the air but you can get back in easily . Eupalinos told me one can control the angle and aim for the empty part of the cow in the air but I did not do well at that.  If you fall into the water as I did after that venture, several times,  there is a shield to prevent you from sinking and it is easy to just fly up back into the installation. 
It is loads of fun and the area is filled with interesting pieces of art to appreciate , some old favorites and some new . I loved the steampunk style bicycle that is part of a pinwheel! Have fun!
Gemma Cleanslate

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