Friday, November 14, 2014

Commentary: Silver Fire - My Virtual Horse in Second Life

By Wesley Regenbogen

A short time ago, I wrote about Hope Driftwood’s Ranch and Dreamscape Ranch, where they raise virtual horses. I mentioned they offered me one of their pets, but I hadn't made up my mind whether to raise it or not. So for a time, it remained not yet born, stored in the bundle of hay that appears when breedable pet horses in Second Life reproduce.
I’m glad to report that I made up my mind and let the colt be born. I have a virtual horse now. He is a male gender Amaretto virtual horse, who’s name is “Silver Fire.” Hope Driftwood helped me setting it up and I now rent a box to put the horse as well.
These are the stats of Silver Fire at the moment of writing this article ( it might have changed after the article has been published ) :
Silver Fire
Version 5.0
Age 2
Gender male
Nourishment 0%
Energy 84%
Happiness 87%
Fervor 0%
Coat: Silver Mecklenburger
Eye: Fire Element
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Coat Gleam High
Hair Gleam High
Coat Luster Low
Coat Gloom
Hair Gloom
Coat Opal
Hair Opal
Hoof Kiwi
Ear Style Half Droop Left
Wing: Wild Turkey
It’s getting used to having a virtual horse,  but it’s cool. I can recommend that everyone in Second Life get one! In my personal opinion, this is the coolest thing around here.
As I’m now settled, I got a virtual home, I have a career here that I like -  being a virtual journalist for the SL Newser, and I got myself a virtual horse. I think this is the best thing that ever happened to me in Second Life. I just now need to see to it that I can pay all of those things, of course. So please suggest to me new places, people, and events to write about.
Nevertheless, it’s a awesome thing to have once you get the hang of it. It’s nice to have a virtual horse. Everyone can do it, so if you want one, talk to Hope Driftwood or Chris Dreamscape and buy one. For information about how to set it up, you can talk to them as well, they will help you getting it set up and will support you when you are unsure about things.
Happy virtual horsing.

Wesley Regenbogen 

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