Friday, October 28, 2011

The Path

I missed the opening of The Path last weekend but went over there as soon as I could. As a curator of the Linden Endownment for the Arts, Bryn Oh, along with seven collaborators have put together the elaborate story of The Inventor. Some of the artists are known to me and others are new, but there so much talent in one place.

It is hard to decipher the real meaning of the story , its beginning and its end. The underlying basis for the exhibit is the surrealist “exquisite Corpse.” Each creator adds to the words, picture, or in this case, entire story of the Inventor. There are wispy hints of other stories we know. I have been through it three times now and each time my view has changed as I encountered more intricate discoveries and meaning in the scenes as I moved along. Each station is amazing in its diverse addition to the prior part of the story.

Bryn said of the exhibit,”I really think this may be something people talk about for a long time. I personally couldn't pick my favorite scene as each excelled in some area or another. And that to me is a very good sign.“

I did have a favorite. I found the scene of the windows fascinating and spent time peering into each one. Each part of the story was been assigned randomly to each collaborator and each developed their own interpretation so when you reach the end you may feel the need to begin again as I did. The dimensions of the parts really needs to be studied for their many secrets. The third time I went I took someone with me to help find the hidden points I had missed and I am so glad I did! My own mental ending is not a happy one for the Inventor.

To insure not being lost, take along the teleport list that you can find before you enter the journey. On my first visit I used it many times but was able to find the way more easily in my other visits. This is a journey not to be rushed so plan to spend time there, or plan to return often. You should listen as well as look.

Bryn Oh says, “I would like to thank all the artists involved for working so hard on this project and in such a professional manner. They created a truly brilliant experience for me and hopefully for all the guests as well.” Here are the names of all the collaborators: Bryn Oh, Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Desdemona Enfield / Douglas Story, Maya Paris, Claudia222 Jewell. Scottius Polke, Rose Borchovski.

Begin your journey here:

Gemma Cleanslate

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