Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Update on LEA 2.0

By Marcel Mosswood

The effort to return LEA to its function as a means for artists in SL has shown good development. Linden Lab (LL) has responded to the email sent by Tansee. I interviewed Riannah and Tansee about this effort.

“We are processing the feedback that we have received from everyone," Riannah explained about the work they have done so far, "We have put together in words how the new committee structure should be, regarding how many committee members and tenure. We looked very closely at the notecards we received and what the majority of the people think would be an ideal committee. We do have enough volunteers for the new committee but anyone can still volunteer. We also are looking at implementing a 'watchdog' group to guarantee transparency with the committee.”

Q: About the new committee structure, can you be more detail about that?
“We are looking at having five committee members each with a two-year tenure," Riannah told, "We are working on details of how the committee members will be appointed. We're thinking a voting system so that everyone has a voice.”

Q: The watchdog, who will be in that position? And how they will work?
“We have not discussed that yet. But they will be LEA members," Riannah said, " They will review the committee meetings notes and ensure the accuracy of what took place during the meetings. Such things as decisions made regarding grants and other things that affect everyone at LEA.”

Q: This is a good idea about the watchdog. How you can guarantee the transparency of watchdog performance?
“After the watchdog group has verified the accuracy, the information will be public," Riannah continued, "Anyone can read what transpired. And hopefully, easily understand why decisions were made. The watchdog will consist of more than one person.”

Riannah went on, “The current committee issues stem from not having anyone perform any checks and balances, to make sure the rules regarding the committee are adhered to. Because things like what we are facing now, just should not happen. They could have been avoided. Tansee and I are working very hard to ensure the continuance of LEA... but in the way, it was intended.”

Q: Does the previous LEA committee doesn’t have the watchdog?
“That is the difference," Riannah answered, "Tansee nor I have to be on the committee, that is not the plan. I will be if needed. But always, the priority is LEA itself. We are looking at resumes of potential committee members, and we have a variety of experiences involved. From technical to artist experiences. That will be required for the direction of LEA.”

“We continue to receive a lot of support. And it's very encouraging. We can not express enough how much we appreciate it. One thing we have heard a lot: people feel they are cut out of the process like they don't matter and that the administration of LEA is done in secrecy. That will no longer happen, the favoritism will stop!”

Q: Some people see that the LEA committee is exclusive, not transparent, is this what you want to improve on?
Riannah explained, “Absolutely! We want to provide as much transparency as possible. Everyone matters. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Tansee added some explanations, “We are still in the infancy stage of putting all the ideas into place and as we progress it will all become more refined and include everyone's ideas. And I also reconfiguring the placement of 29 sims to include some of the new ideas and suggestions we have gotten from the group. Together WE can make a change!”

Marcel Mosswood

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