Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reader Submitted: "Cheap Thrills" by La Performance

By Isabel (Alysabelle Resident)

La Performance started in 2007 by Jie Loon . She is by far the creative inspiration and their mentor. "La Performance" the show is two to three times a year depending. The following people were instrumental to me in writing this article and a special thank you to Jie Loon , Aspen Wrigglesworth , Alazi Sautereau,  without them it wouldn't have been possible.   .

'The opening of dance-show 'CHEAP THRILLS' was held on Sunday ... December 4th 2016 Started at 2.30 pm PST at the Tai Location. Once you arrived at 'La Performance'  you notice a few petal baths  for petite and as well regular avatar size.There is also a bee lounger and also a balcony swing slightly in midair and the countless sofa and sofa chairs .I was privileged to attend a couple of dress rehearsals and the final one Friday before the show on Sunday  . As an audience member the last three years I clearly had no idea how much work was involved behind the scene in preparation of La Performance . The backdrop scenes are extremely creative and visually appealing.  Aspen Wrigglesworth is the producer of "Cheap  thrills" and choreographed at least two dances with the collaboration and input by all the dancers for this particular show. The dancers don't use pose balls they learn how to move and memorize their specific placement, each dancer has their own choreography. It truly takes skills and the dancers rehearse three months before each show approximately three nights a week for two hours.
The music this time is by Demi Lovato, Barei, The Weekend, Saint Motel, ZZ Ward, Sergio Mendez, Sia, Toni Bennett/Lady Gaga, Giacinto Scelsi . Each dancer as their own choreography to learn individually.
These are dancers this year Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Aspen Wrigglesworth, Bia Nikitin, EchoDancer, Eva Bohemian, Falkon Wickentower, Feli Ibanez,  Janie Broome, JenniferMay Carlucci,  Kenny McDee, Lausard Wildcat, Lulee Babenco, Marili, Randy Thor, Sue Trallis,  and Zimp Rexie) . .
At the start of the show  Alazi Sautereau who is the MC narrates in local  welcoming everyone and mentions as well that its the 18th show by la performance . For that particular show 'Cheap Thrills" is directed by Aspen Wrigglesworth choreographed by her and the teams of dancers. Then she explains camera maneuver for best viewing:) and other technical issues and of course she thanks everyone for showing up and to enjoy the show. . I personally would as well recommend arriving twenty minutes before the show begins for a choice of seating .There is a 30 second delay to regroup between performances to change outfits and the scenery .The show itself " La Performance last approximately one hour."
 There is no tip jar they don't ask for any Lindens they dance for the passion of dancing and for the ' Thrill ' of those who are watching in the audience.
At the end of the show it's important to note that once again the wonderful  Alazi Sautereau thanks everyone for supporting ' La performance' and ask to remain in their seat for a special performance dedicating the last dance to dancer Line Rayna who touched the hearts of many and the dancers dance to Ave Maria by Scelsi. It was one of her favorite dances.  And a very beautiful dance it was indeed. At the very end of the season they have ask the audience if they would like to join the dancers to dance a sort of after party event:) It last approximately an hour . I did so personally the last few years and its fun , one of the dancers will send you a dance hud for you to accept . I think it runs about an hour the after party  . Next year 2017 is their 10th anniversary as well. .I personally can't wait to see what the next ' La Performance' will offer.
Bravo!  Aspen Wrigglesworth and all the dancers and the MC a job well done:). I have attended 'La Performance' for approximately three years now. I personally love dancing and it takes everything out of me not to jump out of the chair and dance on stage with the dancers each time I attend and there is no exception this time around.  And once again I have been transported to a time that I knew someone that use to dance modern and classical ballet passionately as you all do . And each time I am there I can't help but smile of pure joy ,  Its extremely creative and fun to watch ' La Performance' It doesn't matter what age you are , its worth seeing . On a personal note : Jie Loon I will never forget three years ago you invited me on stage alone as we danced you explain the details that go into a show for “ La Performance” . It was  a moment in time I will never forget . Thank you:)Pick up a Playbill at the show. 

The following dates 12/4/16 till the 12/11/16  at the same timeline , 2:30 Pm PST  will be held as well at the Tai Location
 The second location will be from the 12/18/16  1/15/17  and  1/22/17  at 2:30 PST -- at the  Mediterraneo Location .
 And the last show on the 1/29/17 at 2:30 PST  will be back to the Tai Location.
Below is the“ La Performance ' website

 ÎsaЪeĻ (Alysabelle Resident)

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