Friday, December 16, 2016

Felina Fermi's House

By Deaflegacy

Felina Fermi's house is as beautiful as Felina is as I was shown to her house in Sunweaver Space.  Bixyl Shuftan joined us on the tour.  He was welcomed.  Bixyl wrote about her place several years ago. Since then, she had moved her house to the Sunweavers community, where she had continued to make changes to it.

Felina showed us Panth's memorial before continuing on the tour.  It is a beautiful memorial. Felina and Panth met in MMO before they came to Second Life.  It is the memorial Felina made for Panth a few months after Panth passed away.  Before I continued on the tour, I looked at the memorial.  I don't think I'd ever forget it.

Felina pointed out that there are cats everywhere at her place.  As I checked her house out, there were cats walking by, cats running around, cats sitting down, and cats sleeping.  They are beautiful animals.  I am rather fond of cats as I used to have a few while I was growing up.  The cats, I believe, add to the beauty of Felina's house.  The house didn't even lag me out as I went on the tour.

Felina showed us the living room.  It has a big screen TV that takes up most of the wall.

"The place was really built to reflect US.... we loved cuddling and we were gamers so..."  said Felina.  She does not need to say any more.  However, she said that Panth loved to cook so she made the Kitchen in view of their computer room. In the living room, there is a beautiful Christmas tree 

"I try to cover all the bases; Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Game Room, Bedroom and Bathroom." said Felina.

Felina's bathroom has a working shower.  This is remarkable.  There is something else to the room as well, which would be the washer and the dryer. I can see what Felina meant by warm and rustic.

Felina didn't change the house much after she lost Panth.  I sent her my condolences.  Felina went on to say that she built the house when Panth was still alive. 

"I valued his opinions." said Felina  "Something he didn't like, I would change it."

Felina recommended getting the furniture from Pamelas Store.  She's good friends with Pamela.

She went on to explain that the choice of textures is the real big part in building a house.  Felina is right as I was building a house myself.

Felina did create a really good house with a memorial in it.  I don't think I'd ever forget the house nor the memorial.  It is to be remembered always.


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