Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LEA2 : The History of the Vehicle

By Gemma Cleanslate
I am so absolutely blown away by the exhibit that Sapphire Hotaling, Chief Exhibit Builder & Designer,  has put together in LEA2 . It is The History of the Vehicle in Second Life. According to Sapphire’s notecard, “Thank you for your interest in this 6-month long project; hoping you enjoy it and have as much fun as we all did in the build and creation of this exhibit.  Feel free to invite friends, and share the notecard through your groups.” At the entrance you will see the names of some of those involved in the project.

After taking the TP in the police box, I landed in front of the Museum building and found in there exhibits of the early forms of building vehicles , prim and texture and sculpts. Even then the vehicles were very impressive. Moving out into the parking lots you will be amazed at the cars, trucks and other forms of transportation. On one side of the museum building you will see the cute shopping cart and even Flintstones' roller car where I took a seat, and some other oddities. On the other side wonderful early trucks and cars. There is a sections of parts and shells. These are all from various companies in sl that are identified on signs near the builds. The racing section has some absolutely spectacular vehicles . The effort and work put into the cars is amazing . 

When I have gone to a race I have not really taken the time to examine and admire what I am seeing in the cars or whatever is racing. I am there for the race itself.  This exhibit is giving me time to really examine and appreciate them. The parts themselves are "wowing," (not sure that is a word but fits).  One whole section is for the Giant Snails with so many examples of the variety of the snails themselves . There are giant cutouts of all those involved in the snail racing fun. 

All along the way you will find notecards with information on what you are viewing. Go out into the grassy area too where you will find some more to see.  Those who are older in Second Life will have lots of nostalgia and laughs, and those who are new will really find so much to help understand about the background of building moving objects in sl from the early days to now. There are a few air vehicles around, but I think there might be another exhibit sometime for air and water moving objects. 

This exhibit will be open until the end of May . I will certainly be going back for several more looks. It takes time for so much to rezz . There will be events every weekend so pick up the schedule at the entrance. 

This is  the best set of history exhibits I have seen since Marianne Mccann’s build at the SL10B. Do not miss it!
Gemma Cleanslate

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