Friday, April 10, 2015

Viss Bunny Review

By FoxytheJamie

An avatar built different than others. This av is built in 10 parts, unlike the other full mesh avatars, which are made up, usually, of the head, and body. Not only that, but the legs are all one piece, literally, both legs are one entire piece. The hands are the same way.

The only thing that is similar between this av and others is the head and jaw. The head is all one piece, and the jaw is all one piece. You do need to wear them both, unless you lost your jaw in the war.

The hud is built differently as you have an eyelid hud, eyeball hud, eyeball color hud, eyebrow/blush hud, and jaw hud. Making it one of the most extensively editable avatars, without having to go into edit mode.

The avatar is a bit expensive at 1900L however it is a great buy, because of how high quality it looks, and how well it's made.

The avatar is a bit lacking in the clothing variety however. Mainly, people make texture shirts for this avatar, as it has a strange shape that's pretty difficult to make a mesh shirt for. However it's quite easy to find mesh pants for it. In fact you really shouldn't count this av out, due to the shirt problem.

All in all, this av is one of the best, and one of my favorites in all of second life. I would say, if you have the lindens, you can't go wrong with it.


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