Friday, April 3, 2015

Bryn’s Lobby

By Gemma Cleanslate
Bryn Oh is one of the most prolific artists in Second Life. Her creations are well known across the grid for many years. Her latest, Lobby Cam, opened Sunday,  March 28. I had some difficulty getting there at first. That is okay with me because Bryn is limiting the visitors to a low number at one time so everyone will be able to appreciate the installation in its fullest. 
Admire the real-life art of Bryn Oh before you leave the lobby.  Pick up a HUD at the entrance for a pleasurable visit and I suggest you read the directions on the wall and floor to aid you.  Walking down the hallway,  I found a special picture on a wall ... I walked into to it as it opened, and found myself in a lush wheatfield with the golden grasses waving in the breeze.  A singing red winged blackbird sat on a fence post . I found a paper on the ground and clicked it, and it entered a page into my diary hud beginning the story.
I wandered across the wide field to find a large grain elevator with an outside patio.  I crossed the railway tracks to the  charming patio with umbrellas and chairs for relaxing. A delightful old fashioned bicycle caught my eye and I tried to sit on it, but found myself “goofing around” in a  crazy dance. I entered the doorway into a kitchen area and sat down for a few minutes for a shot of whiskey. If you don’t like whiskey there is a can of ginger ale in the ice box.  I climbed the stairs where I found a sleeping area and on up to an attic where a television was blaring. There were birds that had entered the room through holes in the walls chirping on the floor. All through the walls of the stairwell there are paintings from Bryn’s real life and on one floor under the attic you will find an easel where Bryn may paint. Be sure to click on the art  to get a good closeup view. 
Outside again, I went along the walkway next to the rails, passing a dropped book with loose pages. It looked like the diary so I clicked it. Out on the field I spied a truck and made my way there. All along the way I looked for more pages to click to add to my diary hud. It is important to watch for these where ever you go here . There is a story for you in your hud when you collect them all. 
I ran into Bryn who was watching over the field and greeting visitors, listening to their stories and helping out with questions. There is so much to see and visit. This installation is as amazing as her others that I have visited and will take more trips to locate all the secrets for the story. Be prepared with hud and the directions so you won’t miss the whole thing. But, as Bryn told me “  its open ended so you can go and do as you wish. Some will just like to see the sim. Others will want to find the story. And still others will do the secret bits.“
I had some trouble collecting pages at first, but they did appear in my hud diary . I need to find the secrets,one of which I do have with Bryn’s help. Wave if you see me in the field or on the hills walking , or in the kitchen with my whiskey. Join me. 
Here is a sneak peek:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
It is a real adventure. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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