Friday, March 6, 2015

Artfest 4 Revisited

By Gemma Cleanslate

Only two more weeks to get over to Artfest 4 and I am hoping you get over there to view the region.  ArtFest is a “CHARITY art competition to raise funds for disaster relief.  100% of the $L raised with ArtFest is converted to real-life money, and donated to the Red Cross / Crescent (Via their Everyday Heroes program).  The Red Cross was chosen, as it is an organization that helps around the globe without discrimination (” according to Huntress. 

I wrote about it while the artists were working in January  so I did not get to see all of them.
 I recommend flying or taking the bunny ride to view the ones that perch high on the peaks of the mountains. There are some to view both high and on the ground. My friend Neeks Karu has a lovely piece there as usual. Nintin has a display of her art in a small temple like build with fluttering curtains.  

Some new artists are exhibiting for the first time and have been invited to exhibit in galleries.  Now that her work as coordinator is done I found Huntress curled up on the lawn resting .  Her hope is that many more people will come and vote to donate to the cause before the closing.

Don’t miss the carnival which is till open!
Gemma Cleanslate

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