Monday, March 9, 2015

Avatar Review, the DSD Leopard

By Jamie

DSD, the very mention of the name will bring quality avatars, and great service, to a furry's mind. However an av that I recently have gotten, makes me rethink DSD. The avatar in question is the DSD_LeopardLE. The problems with this avatar, will be explained below.

At first glance the avatar looks awesome, but the hud looks a bit different. Usually the DSD hud will show a full body view of the av, and it will be barely half an inch tall. However this hud is roughly one inch wide, and one inch tall. meaning it takes up twice as much room as the other huds.

Upon opening the hud, the layout of it is a bit questionable, and strange to regular DSD users. The usual hud will simply open downward, and take up about 3 inches wide, and 4 to 5 inches tall. However this hud takes about 3 inches down, and 4 inches wide, meaning rather than taking up the periferal, it takes up the entire upper left hand corner, of the screen. However when clicking on each section, it completely covers the remaining space in the upper left hand corner.

However the biggest problem is the color bars and squares. Color bars, and color squares are supposed to have visible colors in them, to change the colors of different parts. However, these bars and squares are completely white, yet still work as if they have color in them, meaning your working blindly.

However, other than that, it's a good avatar, That is not saying it's a great avatar. It's still a flounder. It looks great, and amazing. But it can't really do much.

Jamie (Theonlyjohnny)

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