Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two Artists in Exhibits

By Gemma Cleanslate
Sorry to say I missed the opening of Giovanna Cerise " Retrospective" over at Gay Island Resort Saturday the 31st . In November I did an article on her “Chaos” at LEA   I made it over to the gallery the next day however and was so impressed with her many pieces from all years . The entrance I believe is from her Chaos exhibit . Inside the art on the walls and the sculptures ts are so impressive.  Her first piece ‘Obelisco a spresa’ from 2009 is amazing. 
I was lucky to see Giovanna while I was there as people were coming in to see the exhibit. She told me that most of her works are in prim but lately has added mesh to the newer ones. I had a hard time deciding which I like best as did another visitor . Her latest, The Ballerina , I believe is almost all mesh. It is entrancing. Giovanna also will have an exhibit at the 1Billion Rising so I will be looking for her works there too.
This Retrospective will be on display for the month of February . I hope you will be able to visit to see the full range of her past years all in one place. This is an adult sim and I am not sure if you need to be age verified but try..
GAY ISLAND Resort (127,157,1504)
Another exhibit that I visited this past weekend was the new SL Photography exhibit that opened at the Seaside  Gallery owned by  JMB Balogh. My friend Slatan Dryke .with whom I have worked on several sl birthday events and Burn2,  is showing his varied pieces. Again I missed the opening event but went over to see what he was displaying. Slatan likes to explore Second Life and finds sites that intrigue hims. I asked him what windlights he uses, and he told me that he plays with the setting until he finds one that he likes that will achieve the image he wants. 
The pieces on two floors are eclectic . He says of his work "Photography... My Photography is not an Art Expression.  It's only a way to bust from myself... however, being closer to my Kernel."  There is a biography note card with more information about his works in the gallery.
I would say my favorites are the ones with a foggy , smokey look that are so intriguing. He does some in bright splashes of vibrant color and some in subtle hues .  He also has set some of his scuplts around the gallery. Make time to visit both during February . 
Gemma Cleanslate

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