Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Commentary: Scripting and its Corruption

By Theonlyjohnny Resident

    Scripting is the foundation of Second life fun. It's used for simple things, like a title above your head, and it's used for complex things, like a DJ board. However, scripting has opened up a new chapter in history. A chapter of corruption.

    Most people use scripts to better either their sim, products, or to help better others. Some people use scripts to infringe upon rights of others. These people have been corrupted by the power that the knowledge of scripts has bestowed upon them.

    There are many scripts that are used by corrupted people. Of these, a few scripts stand out from the rest. One of these scripts is the one that is in a lot of attack huds. The script is known as the banishment script, and is used for banning someone from a sim, or even a full region. This script is one that should never have been created, since you can use it, even though you do not have admin powers in the sim, or region.

    Another script, believe it or not, is a game script. It is one that many people have simply called an incomplete script. Sometimes, it is, but other times it's that way for a reason. The script has everything that a normal game script has, with the exception of one crucial part, the prize giver part. Unsuspecting people will pay to play the game, and when they win, it will not give them anything. This script hasn't been one that people care about a lot, because most people assume it's just taking a while, but the prize never shows up.

    Another script, surprisingly, is an anti-fly script. However instead of just banning you from the sim or region temporarily, it will permanently ban the person. Not only that, but some of them, that people buy from shops, have a network wide ban. This means, if you're banned from one place that uses that anti-fly script, you will be banned from every single one of them that use that same anti-fly script.

    Most of you probably have not seen these scripts, but believe me, I not only have seen them, I have been a victim of all three. Scripting is a great thing, but there is a line between scripting to help others, and scripting to make a joke for you. The way things are going, it won't be long before people won't even be able to go afk in their own homes, without being banned.

Theonlyjohnny Resident


  1. Quote from the text:"The script is known as the banishment script, and is used for banning someone from a sim, or even a full region."
    a "sim" is a region
    several regions can be grouped into one "estate".
    Just saying.

    Now i want to see the script. A script that overrides Region and Estate settings and bans people without the Estate Manager powers.
    As above the region/sim mistake was repeated, i am not very sure about the quality, reliability of the rest. Further information would be helpful.

    1. Um, I would like to make a correction to your correction of my article. Regions, and sims, are two different things. Yes some regions have only 1 sim, but most regions are made up of multiple sims.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It is ok to make a mistake
      but if you then get a correction, please do me a favor and read up first before you insist on wrong things.
      Here, i made it easy for you, is the link:

      A Region is what you call a sim.
      An Estate holds one or multiple Regions.

      Having that cleared, you are also not answering the question about the software that overrides basic SL security mechanisms. So i still repeat my request for further information.

    4. Ok I understand, however the site you posted, has no mention of even the word sim, at all.

      As for the further information, the name of the first script doesn't have a set name, as the owners of the huds will sometimes change the names of the scripts. The second script can be found in use at a few game places, but it's hard to notice them since they have everything, except the prize part. Lastly, the final script, I believe, is in fact a version of Red Zone, that has risen again.

  2. The first is nothing but a hud that talks to the Estate holder's hud, and tell the estate holder's item (which DOES have the same banning power as the owner) to ban $person. And tada, the person is banned. This is not on a sim, but on the privately owned land the holder owns. And that is perfectly acceptable -- an owner may ban anyone for any reason he/she sees fit.

    As for the antiFly mentioned, that sounds a lot like Redzone. And such systems are pointedly against the TOS -- just file an incident report with the Lindens and wait and see if they get to it this year or possibly the next. If it makes you feel any better, historically it takes only a single griefer to join such a system and fill it with the names of everyone they encounter, driving everyone in the network's sales to nothing. (How can you sell to someone when your own security system drives out all of your customers?)

    1. Thank you for your response, but I didn't write the article for my benefit. I wrote it to spread the word. Filing an incident report is fine, but it doesn't let people know what's going on.