Wednesday, June 22, 2022

At the SL19B

By Gemma Cleanslate

I enjoy the Second Life birthdays so much. I have been active as a volunteer since 2009. First I was a greeter, then an exhibitor assistant. The Moles took over that job along with their building of the infrastructure and so much more so I became a greeter again. 

The greeters all got together with Alotta Mole, Itsa Mole and Squeaky Mole at an orientation in the gallery before the opening to orient ourselves and take a tour.

The stages are outstanding as are the surroundings. There will be live performers and djs for your enjoyment throughout the event which lasts until July 5. Check this list and scroll down for more information. More will be added as the week goes on.

I love visiting the installations of the exhibitors. There are so many to see. Try the pod tour that takes you along the road and tells you what is nearby and you can hop off to visit what you want. Some of the exhibitors also place gifts at their sites so look around when you get there. I will be taking photos during the week and will post them. Here are some of the stops I made so far.

The gift area is outstanding. All the gifts are in one spot this year and I like it. Get there to get the many gifts left by the exhibitors. They are in the center of the Tapestry of Time building. It is my opinion that this exhibit should be somewhere in a region permanently. It would take a whole week just to read all about the past back to the very beginning , the first anniversary 2004 which has become the slbirthday celebration.

Some of the exhibits are spellbinding when you look at them from a distance. I was entranced by that of Yobex Resident.

I stopped off at the colorful installation of the Yobe Gallery. Lots to examine there.

I did get some time to attend part of the live piano performance of Tia Rungray which was delightful and restful. The Vernian Rotunda is a perfect place for such an event It is large and open and many avatars can attend the events there. 

I cannot stress enough how much great work the Moles did putting in the magnificent infrastructure in many regions. There is so much to do and see before July 5. Get here! Come to the Welcome area and get the official hat in the gift giver. Grab the hunt hud to get your prizes there too.

Gemma Cleanslate

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