Monday, December 23, 2019

United Artists of Second Life

By Marcel Mosswood

In Second Life, just very few artists are lucky enough to have their own gallery to display their work. Many artists hitched a ride to the gallery to display their work. As artists, we are very grateful for the people who provide the free public gallery, both 3D and 2D galleries. And since the closing of LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts), more and more people have independently provided land for artists to exhibit.

One very interesting gallery is UASL, or United Artists of Second Life. When I first visited UASL, I felt the freedom of expression by the artists who exhibited there. In UASL, visitors can see various interpretations of art in one theme.

Riannah Avora, the manager of UASL, explained about the group: “UASL is a relaxed group of artists of all kinds and others who support the arts in SL. Designed to be low pressure, easy-going and welcoming to everyone in the group. Its purpose is specifically to be pro-artist and support the artist in any way possible. We do have some land, not a lot, in which we build and exhibit art upon that has been donated to the group. UASL is for artists, by artists. We are a very pro-artist group.”

“During the last few months of LEA, I met and talked with many different people and heavily engaged in the effort to prevent the closing of (it). I realized the true importance of the social aspect associated with the creation of art. It was not just the actual art, but the expression and communicating with other artists. As well, there was much to be learned from each other. I created UASL to be pro-artist. Usually, the artists are running around looking for places to exhibit, sending out advertisements... with very little support. UASL supports all artists and will assist them from beginning to end as much as possible. We collaborate in joint exhibitions inviting all artists to participate,” Riannah explained about the establishment of United Artists of Second Life.

UASL has some programs, it’s not only a place to exhibit artworks. “We are not limited in the type of art. We try to accommodate everyone to be it 2D, 3D, or performing arts. As well, photography and machinima related activities are always welcome.”

Opening Saturday, November 30th at 1 p.m. SLT was the Artist In Winter event. There are exhibits to be viewed and interacted with as well as a particle performance by Particle Magic. UASL is in search of performers who wish to offer a performance to support the group.

“Generally, a project will last about two to three months from beginning to end. I believe it will vary depending upon the project. To date, we have had project themes that coincided with the change of seasons and holidays. I'm currently considering future themes like Month of Music and Alice In Wonderland. One possibly to begin in January and opening in February. All artists, inexperienced and experienced are welcome to participate. I would love to get more performance arts involved,” said Riannah.

On Facebook, UASL has a mentoring program that is being introduced. “I hope that it will enable artists to support each other and help less experienced artists gain confidence and exposure. I strongly believe in teaching what you know and learning what you don't know. Hopefully, possibly, adding a classroom for topic-based instruction and learning at some point in the near future,” Riannah explained.

UASL are present inworld: ( as well as on Facebook ( ref=bookmarks).

Marcel Mosswood

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