Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rolling Restart Issues Trouble Second Life

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich)

For nearly a day, some sims seemed to be down and my viewer showed a weird error whenever I tried to teleport to them. The error read: “Teleport failed. Routed to wrong region. Please try again.” This seems to have happened to both my personal parcel on an Azure sim and my Second Life home (which I believe is part of the mainland). It also seems to have been an issue for other sims such as TWI, the Safe Waters Foundation, and possibly others. This error also caused some huds and chat groups to stop working. This does not seem like it was a typical outage although Linden Labs seems to have blamed it on the sims not coming back up after rolling restarts. At least some of the sims are now back up. Both my parcels and TWI came back online around the same time.

In addition, Matoazma Kazyanenko had some trouble with their sim; The Hidden Valley Community. “[The] sim automatically restarted three times.” She said. “One at the usual 3AM time, but then unexpectedly restarted about three hours later when I thought everything was all done for the day. So we had to flee again. Then it happened again five hours after that. So yeah, it was pretty jarring when the sim kept restarting unexpectedly. We had begun to speculate that LL had messed something up with the restarts somewhere along the way and had to roll back.”

This may be a none-issue by the time this article posts. However, I believed that this event was particularly notable because in my seven plus years on Second Life I’ve never seen an issue where so many sims just refused to come back online after the rolling restarts. It’s a reminder of how much a disruption in services can effect users. I guess we should be thankful, though, that the grid doesn’t go down nearly every month like it did in the early years of Second Life. Most users seemed to be pretty chill when dealing with the issue believing that Linden Labs was working on it and would take care of it. I guess that’s a testament to how much Second Life has gained a hold on these issues over the years.


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