Thursday, January 22, 2015

Club Eclipse

By Wesley Regenbogen

Club Eclipse is a special club in open air that plays EDM ( electronic dance music ) and allows DJs from all over Second Life to play their tunes in the club. A friend of mine, DJ Robina Ewing, plays often in this club. A while back she invited me over to the club to listen to her set and it was a good one, I might add.
The club opened on Wednesday October 17, 2014 and was bought by Ɗل-ƊãՐԌØ (kardargo.adamczyk). It was a package that he bought from the previous owner and they managed to make the club in three days. The fact that it’s a “prefab” club doesn’t mean it’s easy to manage things. It’s not easy to keep a 177 man club crew and the DJs satisfied at all times, sadly. Communication is everything for them, so that’s why they have a Facebook page and a VIP group. The group  has 335 members.

When you enter the club it will ask you to adjust your windings settings, or something like that. I always accept it, although I don’t know what that means. The pumping beats are always awesome and I like them very much. As I’m a house/techno/trance music fan. Their music is always nice to hear. Furthermore this club is nicely decorated. The decorations were done by Igz Dragostino. At the moment of writing this article they were open 17 weeks.  They  had a New Years Eve party recently, but no further special events are planned at this moment.

The VIP group has put in 590,000 L$ of tips into the club.

Club Eclipse's current design is not the permanent one, but there is a new one under construction.
The builder of the current Club Eclipse is DCL ( Digital Cult Lifestyle ). The new club is built by DJ Dargo himself. A third design will be worked on next month.

In my personal opinion : This is a great club, because it’s in open air and also because I’m a dance music lover in real life too *smiles* I can add this club to my list of favorite clubs in Second Life. It’s a long list if you read my other club articles, but hey, I like clubs here, so, I hope you all have fun when you visit Club Eclipse and I hope to meet you there soon.

They have a Facebook page at : The club doesn’t have a website yet, but the owner is working on it, so the site is “under construction” at this moment. More information about EDM ( electronic dance music ) can be found at : .
You can find the current Club Eclipse at this location :

Wesley Regenbogen

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