Monday, October 7, 2013

The Portuguese Way

By Gemma Cleanslate

Often when I get an invitation to a LEA sim I encounter spectacular  installations that are really busy, show the art of one builder, and sometimes send one spiraling into the space or depths. There is a new installation on LEA19 to which I received an opening party invitation and, for once was able to attend. It was wonderful to sit at a picnic table and listen to a tribute to the popular Portuguese Fado singer, Mariza. I sat among some of the famous artists of Second Life and enjoyed it all. There was even a very famous performance artist who is banned by  LEA, but attended, incognito, almost, and actually sort of behaved. The party was fun, but to enjoy the sim I had to go back several times. 

The installation is quiet and lovely. It is called The Portuguese Way. It was created by Winter Wardhani and a team including Chagal Campestre, FlorCampestre, Janjii Rugani and Wan Laryukov. The scenes depict the beauty of the land of Portugal and tries to incorporate the history of  the past 900 years since its beginning. I took Qwark, a native of Portugal, on my second visit and he said so easily “Oh, there is the famous bridge into Lisboa”... “Oh! There is the castle of Sao Jorge” and on seeing a windmill on a hill said those are very common in Portugal. 

Along the way you can learn of the  history culture of this lovely land by picking up notecards at all the interesting stops. We visited a charming farm village typical of ones you will find in the Portuguese countryside. In a quaint shop there we saw the wares you might find in such a tiny town. Outside you will find pens with pigs and other animals roaming. As Winter said she thinks she went a it overboard on the contents of the notecards.  As you roam the sim you will find delightful views and places to sit and enjoy. I collected a shield and sword at the castle, a costume cap outside the chapel, and a few other items, so watch for them. 

There are teleports in many locales that will take you around to the interesting spots. I like to walk this type of sim after teleporting to the important places  because there are many quaint spots I will miss if I don’t. I found a paddleboat rezzer and took a ride along the river to a lighthouse , passing by the experience called blindness. This is described as “This totally dark maze was build based on the book "Blindness" by the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner José Saramago. Do you dare to feel all the emotions arising from being blind? To feel the despair of not seeing? To struggle to see the light again?” 

I went back the other way along the river, which passed a charming cozy spot to sit, and went to the base of a great waterfall where the fish are jumping all around. These are the points you might miss by just taking the teleports so take time to wander. I recommend beginning at the balloon ride, taking the TPs to various spots of interest and then ending with the paddle boat ride so you will not miss much in the region. The river winds under bridges and finally leads back to the beginning spot where you will find a fisherman’s camp . Grab a pole or just sit by the fire and relax. Savor the time you spend here. It should be here until December. 

Begin at the balloon ride.

Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. Thank you for the lovely post and having attended the opening party.
    So glad you and Qwark enjoyed the sim. :)