Monday, October 28, 2013

"Flesh Dreams" at Burn2 by Ub Yifu

By Gemma Cleanslate

I have been working as a ranger on the playa at Burn2 for several weeks now , helping builders get settled and assisting with any problems. Since the gates opened to the public I have been even more busy, too busy to write much and left that to the other reporters. One build that has intrigued me for weeks ,and I find myself going back to it over and over is that of Ub Yifu in the sim Frog Pond. Cargo Cult is the theme of the Burn2 in real life and in SL this year. But this is a unique interpretation from many of the others on the playa. The name of the plot and the build is “Flesh Dreams.” For a while I had a hard time deciphering the meaning of it all.

The description by Ub finally gave me the meaning, “My vision of the cargo cult but from another point of view..... Here on Earth in 3247 humankind is no more than a dream in survivors mind: the robots we built. Humans have been gone a very long time, and our machines survived as they could without us. But, now wishing for our return, they build human-like figures with the rare memory they have of us to convince their creators to come back.” 

The sad machines lie in a set of destruction in the are future as you can see. You can become part of their dreams by finding a place to sit . The strange robots circle the human creature they are trying to create. The devestation all around shows the remnants of our demise. I wonder why we are gone? So many images for thought. 

Be sure to visit this amazing build in Frog Pond sim on the playa.  SLURL:   Remember the playa will still exist all next week so you can go back and visit all the marvelous builds before they disappear. 

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. Where did the humans go? Hopefully it was something like the Sim Earth game in the early 90s, in which to "win," the planet's civilization becomes so advanced, it declares its homeworld a nature preserve and leaves. But they don't always take all their robots with them ...

  2. Thank you for that great article :) Regarding humans in the far future we know that our survival lies in space cause ressources on earth are not infinite.
    Hopefully we will have the technology to colonize space at that time ;)

    Ub Yifu