Monday, September 2, 2013

DrFran’s Alt Goes Shopping and Exploring

By DrFran Babcock

DrFran won’t admit that she loves hunting for freebies, but I have no such problem. That’s why I have taken over once more to show you a few of the goodies that are around the grid for grabbing and wearing. Starting in September the Arcade Gacha will dominate the fashion and home markets, but in the calm before that storm, I will show you what I love. By the way, what I love is also some sims and places. Although the outfits I show you don’t match their surroundings much, they are the places to which I like go when I want to marvel in the wonder that is Second Life™.

 The Candy Girl Hunt

This free grid-wide hunt runs until September 15th, and has some of the cutest, sweetest (of course), and worth-keeping items I have seen in a while. My absolute favorite hunt gift was the complete, sugary pink Neko outfit from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The tail that comes with the outfit is a knockout, shiny and animated nicely, and has the touch and chat option. The corset dress is mesh and ruffled, and comes in many sizes to fit most avatars. The airs are pink and animated, too, and the boots, although I don’t favor that big foot look, really go well with the entire ensemble. In addition, there are fishnet stockings and panties. I would easily spend Lindens to get many of the parts of this outfit, but the whole thing is yours free just for finding the mesh lollipop hidden in the store.


The picture for this outfit was taken on the sim of ROCHE, one of my favorites. It has always been a place to go to when I need to relax. It has the best of eastern design qualities in that on the surface it looks very scrubby and simple, but the more you explore, the more you come to appreciate the work and attention to detail that went into building the place. You used to be able to get a free bicycle to cruise the island, but walking is just as much fun. The sim changes from time to time, but the basic message is one of stark and steely water and dilapidated buildings situated on softly rolling hills. Come for a walk and you will return, I am sure.

Plausible Body 1 – Latex

Do you know about Plausible Body? This shop has been in existence for several years, and features open pricing. Most of the items in the shop are free to buy, and the owners suggest that you make a donation at vendors that are located throughout the parcel. I suppose you can just take what you want and then leave, but I generally give a generous donation, as the quality of the merchandise warrants payment. What I like most are the basic pumps, because they are good-looking and come in a vast array of solid colors.

I picked up two outfits while at Plausible Body. The first is a classic latex catsuit, that comes in many colors, with really sophisticated shading. Latex is not that easy to recreate in Second Life™, and Roslynd Turbo has done a great job with the textures.

The other outfit is a must have for anyone who wants to travel light in inventory, but have many looks available. The Citadines outfit comes complete with a top, mini skirt, and pumps. What makes this mesh outfit such a standout is that it comes with four HUDS that allow you to change the top, the mini skirt, the shoe color, and the color of the shoe heels. With all of these options you could pack for a full week and hop all over the grid with a new look all the time. Since DrFran was busy elsewhere, I decided to take pictures in two of my other favorite sims: Kowloon and Lula.


Kowloon is based on the Hong Kong neighborhood of the same name. I have adored this sim since it was built because it is truly like a maze of streets and tunnels. You could spend hours immersed in its depths and not find your way out. More than once I have had to teleport home to find my way. The sim is a delight to explore, and things change from time to time, so it’s nice to revisit frequently. Of course, it’s a great place for photography opportunities as well.


Lula is a commercial sim that houses the shops Tres Blah and Lamb. The first time I landed there I was sure I had been transported to a small village in the south of France, and it has remained one of the best textured places in SL, in my opinion. There have been changes over the years, but the high quality of building never disappoint.


You can look good for only a few Lindens in Second Life™. If there is anything that you would like to see DrFran’s alt cover, just give a holler. Happy shopping and hunting.


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