Monday, September 16, 2013

Commonalities LEA6

By Gemma Cleanslate

Secret Rage has a marvelous installation on LEA6. It is a soliloquy on life ... real life and Second Life that gives you much to admire and think about. It is all interactive and easy to navigate. Walk up the ramp through the water to the life path. Be sure to collect the information cards that will guide your thoughts  to more introspection as you progress along the way. Put yourself into the scene at each stop to feel the full experience and reflect on your own life.

I spent some time in the school room trying the various poses of the kids chairs, all of which brought me back to some classmates usual poses in real life and made me smile.  Commonalities is the name of the build,  and they are demonstrated. Meditating on each brings back real-life and SL memories.  I enjoyed doing it alone as I went along and would recommend that experience to everyone who visits. Some places are fun to visit with loved ones or friends but this exhibit needs some contemplation time alone , exploring the commonalities, though I did return with a companion later to share the experience.

Of her work Secret  says, "All we hear about in the news today is the differences between countries, between cultures, between people ... and how they each make this world a difficult place in which to live. It is true ~ we are not all the same .. not in geography, ethnicity or lifestyles ~ BUT ~ for all of our differences ... we are still more ALIKE than we are NOT.  Therefore, I choose not to focus on those differences.  Although some of the pieces in this show may not VISUALLY apply to everyone, the idea behind them likely does.  COMMONALITIES celebrates the things that make us a collective family...some joyous, some sad, some normal~ but every day things~ in all, they are a part of being HUMAN and things to which we can all relate."  

 I also thought of the essay by Becky Shamen that appeared in the paper the other day reflecting on life principles and connections, "The Oneness Principle." Though some of parts of the exhibit I have seen before, they are connected in a way gives a different perspective and view of  each. 

The grand opening  party was held on Saturday, 7th of September with a performance by Pol Arida , guitarist and Neal Hoffman , singer.  and I am sorry to say I missed it . Put this on your list of to do in sl so when you have a while that is your own go visit.  . 

Gemma Cleanslate

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