Friday, August 30, 2013

Brandi Streusel’s Custom Painting and Underwear Shops

By Grease Coakes

Brandi Streusel, the partner of Nydia Tungsten, owns two shops at Angels Haven (4/169/23). The first shop I looked around at was her custom skin shop for bikes and cars. Brandi told me that custom texturing and building was something she enjoyed, "I started out playing with logos and that was my first one, but I’ve moved on from there."

I took a look at her bike designs and she had a small showroom with many different bike colors and textures. If you don’t see what you like you can always contact her and ask for a custom job. In fact one of her bike designs was given out for RFL.

Brandi Streusel: "Nydia had me create the texture for the RFL motorcycle."

I told Brandi that probably raised a lot of money for RFL. She didn’t know how much but it was probably a lot of money.

Icebear a friend of Brandi’s stopped by to hang out. I asked him was he getting a custom job from Brandi and he said he was thinking on it. I asked Brandi if I wanted a custom job how much would that cost? She had this to say, "Well, that depends. Cost start out at L$500 for the first 5 textures and L$100 per texture after that. That even includes updates as required till the design is accepted. "

She said one of her customers was so happy with the results, that he paid 2,000L on top of the 500L that was already paid for the custom job.

Grease Coakes: "Oh I see they paid 2,000L on top of the 500L. He must of been very happy with your custom job."

Brandi Streusel: "(giggle) That is what they tell me."

Brandi showed me some pictures of custom jobs in her bike shop. She had this to say about one of her custom works, "But if you look at the photo of Legend Leeeroy - S10. Notice the front end? that was all flat but I textured it to look like the lights and grill were real."

After Brandi showed me the bike shop. She showed me her panties store. She mentioned her shop is part of SL wide treasure hunts which feature over 100 stores. She said it’s a good way for people to build up their inventory. There was also a lucky chair and midnight maddess at her panties shop. So you may get lucky if you happen to visit. Don’t worry she doesn’t leave guys hanging as she makes custom underwear for men too. She gave me some free briefs for men. We both agreed that it’s good business to make giveaways to promote yourself.

She showed me her private workshop. When I asked could I take a picture of her desk Brandi told me no. So her private workshop shall stay a secret to the public eye. If you want to view her work go to her shop on the SL marketplace at .

Also Brandi is on Facebook with .

Whether you’re looking for something to make your bike or car look extra special. Or maybe you want some custom underwear for men and women. Brandi’s shops are right for you. Don’t be shy when I was talking with Brandi she was easy to get along with as I was interviewing her. So if you are looking for one of her  custom jobs just ask. And she can work her custom magic for you.

Grease Coakes

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