Friday, August 16, 2013

Art Gallery HUD

By Gemma Cleanslate

Since I had a day off in real life  and did not have time to visit the Louvre, I took out my Gallery Hud and decided to see what was going on in the art exhibit world. The Gallery hud is a great way to find and visit lovely art places without much difficulty searching for them. You have a choice of large extensive exhibits , like the Rose Theater and Art Gallery. You can spend a long time at this venue , massive in build and absolutely gorgeous in itself. There are rooms and rooms of art exhibits by various sl artists to enjoy. Or you can arrive at a the Palais Orleans , a three gallery site that I visit often because Morgana Nagorski has two of the galleries exhibiting artists that change every few months and she always has grand opening parties. 

Right now there is an exhibit called ‘After Dark’ in Gallery1 that is worth a visit. The University of West Australia is another huge exhibit area where there are always challenge exhibits to be found. They are all amazing to see, so much creativity in these pieces. Every time I go there I am floored by the diversity. Space for Art is another wonderful place to visit. You will find a number of lovely builds scattered about the whole area. I took a tram ride and stopped off at a whimsical installation by Haveit Neox . Well worth a tour at this region. One gallery that I visited for the first time was in Elven Realm  called Kaleidoscope,where the whimsical art of many artists , best viewed at midnight ,  is displayed in wooded groves . It was a pleasant visit.  I made a stop at the virtual Chelsea Hotel at Gallery 23 to check out the art pieces there . I took a quick look at some of the smaller galleries in the hud. My last visit was to Serendipity to the Art of Judilynn . It is a lovely little gallery filled with her own art. She is a real life and SL artist. I have seen her art at several places in Second Life. 

The art hud is a creation of Sasun Steinbeck. It is a random selection hud that
“will take you on self-guided tours of locations in SL. Simply click on the left and right hands to go to the previous/next location. Click the little map icon in the middle to see the currently selected location again. Click the stars below the navigation controls to rate the gallery you are at.” It gives you a choice of types of galleries to visit also. If you are into paintings and sculpture , chose Gallery , or you may choose Photography , or Erotic, depending on your fancy. Sasun has extensive hud systems at her SasTech HQ but you can go there to pick up a hud and information about the Galleries of SL at her office ( ) or, you can send an IM to me and I will pass you a hud. 
This is a great way to do something different in Second Life when you need some quiet time , or with a friend, to visit the art galleries of sl and see the amazing creations that exist here . There is another possibility with the hud. You can take a bus tour if you like. Wear the hud and click  bus tour on the menu and you will receive an invitation to teleport to some gallery somewhere on the grid . Other bus riders may join you as you travel.There is another choice , events, that will tell you about a party going on at one of the galleries . It is great fun to use.   Consider it a staycation in Second Life. Often people say to me “I need to do something else for a change”. Well, here you are. All free. 
Gemma Cleanslate

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