Monday, December 5, 2011

Linden Realms Portal: Nysray

Premium members can experience Second Life in Linden Realms. You're supposed to be able to quest, conquer and gain Linden Dollars. When I teleported in my Phoenix white dress, I knew I should have changed into something more appropriate, but I was here already.

You begin on a black platform on top of a hill. A guide pole beams a green light to where you're supposed to begin. You touch down on land surrounded by hilly terrain in front of a strange looking object that looks like a fantasy or alien rock.

It says:
Shimmering Rift briefly emits a faint voice '... is anyone out there? I need your help...' Shimmering Rift emits a burst of static. Shimmering Rift crackles with electricity.

I'm thinking, back away. So I did. I clicked various parts of the Shimmering Rift structure and nothing happened. I even clicked the blue crystal on top of it. I got smart and looked under it. Finally a message:

Shimmering Rift says, “This portal will take you to Project LR, an enhanced SL experience. Walk inside, and the portal will teleport you to the island.”

So I walked into the rift and was teleported to the Summoning Circle. Everything was intensely green and surrounded by half orange/half green pods. Blue rectangles with colored ovals are right above you. If you click the question mark it will load a web page from Linden Realms. So I move out of the way in case another voyager drops down the portal. I waited patiently for the web page to load and I learn that's a hud above my head.

The web page says: “As part of the Linden Realms experience, a heads-up display (HUD) will be attached to you automatically. You won't be prompted to accept the attachment. Don't worry: while this is not standard behavior in the rest of Second Life, it is the way Linden Realms is designed to work.”

Trouble and danger brew around every corner. You can be "killed" in the game by one of the hazards (like a rock monster, toxic water, or a fireball). When this happens, you will be teleported to a “resurrection circle.” Unless I get off the ground, I’m a target. Since there’s no ability to fly, that option doesn’t exist.

If you can't fly then avoiding the stone path might be a good idea if they have some form of avatar trackers. I cautiously headed toward the workshop cottage.

Next comes the message: 5:04] Tyrah: “I see you have found my island. I'm trying to build some flares to signal a rescue party. Can you help me?”

I sat at the table and started clicking bottles and books lying around. The goal is to find crystals. Scanning the area around me, I see a map on the table which is the exact image of the SL mini-map. Evidently, there are clues to where crystals can be found. They can also be the first places to avoid.

Above the small map is a larger more detailed illustration of "Suspected Crystal Concentrations.” Going there will surely lead to danger. There are eight at the base camp. When things started exploding, I knew I was in trouble. But it was in sound effect only, possibly the chemical concoction in the huge test tubes on one side of the building. I'll tell you I didn't like being alone here. Something in a cage was also not a good sign.

Into a cabin I move:

[5:20] Tyrah's Cabin: “Tyrah created this home when she was stranded on the island. She spent time here trying to find a way to get herself home.”

So this is Tyrah's cabin and I'm avoiding at all costs being too curious. I'm certainly not going to click on the small cage in her bedroom. From the drawings, I can see that she was trying to create flares with the crystals. I did notice a crystal changing form inside a contained area. I also avoided oval platforms with center dots.

A new clue:
5:25] Blue Crystal Collector: “This machine collects and processes blue crystals. To use it, stand on the target in front of the machine when you have blue crystals.”

I used the world map to click on teleport sites. Selecting the closest, I immediately read this:

5:28] Teleport completed from 5:28] You have been teleported by the object 'Death Volume' on the parcel 'Tyrah's Island'

Since I like my body the way it is, I decided the word "Death" was a clue for me to get out of there. Tell me if you get further.....

Netera Landar

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  1. Linden Realms isn't premium only. It opened to everyone a week ago. It was big news.