Friday, May 6, 2011

Assassins Everywhere!

Did you know that as you move around the SL sims, or just rest quietly on your own sim, or attend parties that there are Assassins all about you? They are traveling around the SL sims taking control of land by force. There are small battles taking place you did not even know!

I looked out my window one day and saw three avatars shooting at each other as they hid behind trees and rocks and trying to move into better position with stealth. I called Caliba Sassower, whom I heard talking about Assassins. Yes, they were assassins and she knew them, but she had already taken control of the sim where I live (little did I know!).

It seems that once you get a territory you must be ready to defend it. Caliba told me, “Yes you do or someone can siege it, you need a fort to fortify it, a tower lets you know when someone is bombing it, turrets fire on anyone trying to kill your land, and you have Arc Reactor & Bunkers to replenish the fort & tower when you are attacked. I am the leader of the sieged lands. I have over 1200 lands killed and my title is Destruction Goddess.”

The website warns “Conquer. Gather. Rebuild. Destroy. Object of the game is actually 'finding the object of the game by exploration'. If you like exploring different new regions, this is the game for you. Make it count! While you can conquer and claim any available land and gain more power and ranks to brag to your friends about, you also have to defend yours.

Akaesha Revnik, was feeling bored and wanted to have something entirely different to do in SL. I knew about Tiny Kingdoms but this was new to me. The website tells you everything about it so You can read more here, Check out the FAQS and Back story. I watched a short battle for land during a fishing contest. My friends , Caliba and Tolsen Decycla were on one side and some avatar killed them both and got the land, I assume. But fortunately they came back to life. Then they began a battle which I think was just in fun but gave me an idea of how this game went.

I bought the hud to see what it was about. It is on sale for 0L on the Marketplace. One also gets a folder of beginner essentials. knives, guns... typical starter folder LOL . You are then invited to register. I have not done that yet . I do not think I will , but who knows!! Just watch out, your lands or you may be next!

Gemma Cleanslate

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