Monday, May 23, 2011

Remembrance: An Artistic Homage to AM Radio

Friday I attended the opening of an art exhibit at Rohaus Art Collection that is an homage to AM Radio, whom you know is closing his sims. Most of us who are in Second Life for a while have visited his builds and loved each of them. Four wonderful artist decided to do an exhibit in his honor.

Raven Haalan, one of he artists said “It was a pleasure to be invited to participate in this exhibition. I confess to being humbled by the efforts of my fellows, Stephen Venkman, PJ Trenton and Rowan Derryth... and the grand challenge of this undertaking, that of representing the soon to be lost scattered artistry of AM Radio.”

The pieces chosen for the exhibit are truly lovely and were put together I believe, in the past month. Rowen commented ,”I hope they do some small justice to the work of my friend and inspiration, AM Radio.”

I hope you will go and visit the exhibit. Each piece is shows a project that AM Radio has created in Second Life. It will be open until the end of June.

The exhibit is at Magna Carta (156, 177, 30)

Gemma Cleanslate


  1. Thanks for posting this Gemma! We are very proud of the work, and pleased to honour AM!

  2. Great post Gemma - thanks for the mention. It's a pleasure to salute AM Radio - challenging, but a pleasure ;)