Wednesday, February 3, 2021

SLEA Alternative Worlds

By Gemma Cleanslate

My friend Slatan Dryke of Virtual Ability often runs mystery tours on Fridays and I try to attend once in a while to see what region or activity he is highlighting, I managed to make it last Friday and was so glad I did, As you know the new SLEA opened January 1, 2021 and had its grand opening Saturday, January 22 and 23. He chose to take all the attendees over to Region 3. Once we arrived he turned us loose to explore on our own.

What a charming experience. Melodie Melodie Heart - Riegler (MarieMadeleine3) and Barry Richez (Dreams) have created an Alternative World.

Their inspiration ,  “We intend to raise awareness of climate justice and sustainability through art. Preserve our planet, recycle, control pollution, rethink what is taken for granted. Seek a compromise between eco-logic and eco-nomics.We intend to preserve our planet, recycle, control pollution, rethink what is taken for granted.We seek a compromise between eco-logic and eco-nomics.” To express this the entire installation is full of origami and other paper cutting art pieces.  The interactive sites are fun and playful but full of meaning on saving the planet. I found the sky lovely and soothing while taking a ride in the balloons in the air. The pipe organ is fun to play and sends music notes across the sky.

There is a set of washing machines set up to cleanse the planet, each one a different piece  of the planet from nature to emotions and ideals ending with one asking “ what would you wash?” 

At one point I got caught by a magnet in a shopping cart and was drawn in . It took me ages to get away until iskye suggested I stand,  (laughter). That did it and I escaped.

Everyone in the group had fun with the interactive pieces. Lady Claire was fascinated with a cute bridge to an  animal island that kept forming and collapsing with a touch. We all enjoyed the visit and had  memories to think about as we left. 

Melodie came along at that moment and we all told her how much we enjoyed the experience. There is much more to see in Region 3.

 Enter into the center landing area and pick up the hud or  enter the portal and accept the experience  to guide you to some of the regions already finished  and I peeked at a few that  under construction that look so interesting and am going back for more. I recommend checking out the ground level which contains so many interesting spots to check out . 

Choose Region 3 teleport to get to Alternative Worlds.

Gemma Cleanslate

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