Friday, July 17, 2020

Bellisseria Update: Working on The Railroad

By Bixyl Shuftan

While attention was on the Second Life Birthday, work on the Bellisseria region continues. This includes the railroad, and rail bridges, rail lines, and the occasional railroad station are being placed by Linden Lab's moles.

 On the map, one can just barely see the rail lines as brown lines. A little easier to see are the light green lines marking places for track to be placed.

The quickest place to find them are at bridge areas, where a rail bridge is next to a road bridge.

 At some places, the moles placed rail, ties, and other objects to help give the impression of a rail line under construction, which it is.

There are occasional stations along the railroad.

I (or rather my alt in this case), was able to rezz a rail car and move along. At one point though, the car got stuck. So I had to go into edit and push it a distance.

While most of the tracks laid down went by community areas, there were some through some more rocky and wooded places.

 It made for some picturesque scenery.

At one point, I found a zip line that led from the top of a hill next to the tracks.

The areas near the track are being filled with Linden Homes, available to Premium account residents, the ones I saw in Victorian and log cabin styles.

But while much track has been laid down and ready to use, there's still more to lay down. On the ground, one can see the green lines marked for future building.

So one can't ride a train across eastern Bellisseria just yet. But eventually it can be done in the future. For now, the moles will still be workin' on the railroad.

Bixyl Shuftan (and Rezzdammit Resident)

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