Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Look At The VWBPE Grounds

by Gemma Cleanslate

I had my first peek at the new site of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education. My mouth is still agape at the build! I don’t know how the participants are going to be able to just sit and listen and react with the lectures, workshops, and discussions. This year it is a wildly different venue than any other year in Second Life. If you are not familiar with the event check it out here and perhaps come visit March 26 through 28. https://www.vwbpe.org/ Look at the program to see what is going on each day.

I have been volunteering as a greeter for several years so I was lucky to get an overview on Saturday on the various sites that will be available to presenters, participants, and the other many visitors to the program. Bluebarker Lowtide escorted us on a tour around the universe of the site. There will be a convenient hud for all  at the Gateway along with a swag bag.

Sponsors and members have some marvelous exhibits all of which seem to have their own floating island . The hud will take you to each. Some are interactive and look for gifts . Loads of information on virtual education is available at the exhibits.

Draxtor Despres had many participants as he filmed Sunday hi-lighting an overview . There was a huge pre-party in the social area which is very popular with attendees and presenters in off times. We also had a videoing of the building activity of some awesome and also basic builders at the social site that was great fun  and demonstrated what Second Life is all about , This video will be on the official Second Life you tube channel Wednesday to wet your appetite for the event .

Make sure you visit the social area and look for the freebies section there . Have a talk with the Emobot too . He needs to tell you his woes.  If you visit once I think you will visit again and if looking for something new to do come along and attend one of the programs that sparks your interest.

Here is the Gateway, say hi if you find me there .


Gemma Cleanslate

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