Thursday, January 31, 2019

Burn2: "Seasonal Perceptions" Brings Snow and Dust Storms to January

By Klaus Bereznyak

The Playa at Deep Hole lit up again last weekend, bringing warming sparks of creativity to our virtual world and proving there are still great artists out there doing amazing things with prims and particles.

The theme for this year's Winter Burn was 'Seasonal Perceptions'. Builders' imaginations were challenged by the brief:

Our perceptions are a driving force in how we interact with the world around us. But imagination is also a strong influencer. Given all that, how would you perceive the seasons? Would you reflect the environment around you... or imagine something completely off the wall and different? Show us your "Seasonal Perceptions!"

The burn kicked off with a weekend full of performances starting from the moment the lamplighters walked onto the Playa early Friday evening, and continuing through Sunday night. Events included a fashion show by the Burn2Fashionistas, a collective of non-professional virtual models lead by Vickie Maidstone. The builds are still up this week to be explored and enjoyed.

Arriving at Deep Hole, visitors could choose to go left towards Summer or right towards Winter and to follow a wide circle around the builds showing the responses of some twenty different artists to the theme. Though much smaller than the main Burn, and only occupying one sim, a good hour or two could agreeably be passed delving into the builds. Whether made from scratch or by clever use of prefabricated components, the builds displayed a generous array of imaginative interpretations.

Providing a walk through the seasons of the year, there was a good balance of 'warm' and 'cold' from installations like Serra Quendra's surreal and summery beach hangout through to the mythological magic of Andrea Jones' ice-bound viking longship and the snow globe by ღ Dreams ღ.

Other installations sought to capture the experience of multiple seasons.

At the core of the sim, an interactive Weather Machine, created by iSkye Silverweb dominated the atmospheric conditions. Many of the builds featured interactive elements, including Suzie's melting snowmen and rideable snow bunnies and Leroy Horten's Sun Man popping out from the ground.

For added interest, visitors could participate in a scavenger hunt to find 10 prizes dotted about the installations. The variety of responses to the theme was impressive. Some, such as Melodie Heart and Erico Lecker's Wonderful World and Marcel Mosswood's Back Ton nature installations, not surprisingly sounded a warning about global warming.

True to form, Burn2 has provided us with yet another memorable feast of radical self expression and been a beacon of grassroots virtual artistry. Well done, everybody!


Klaus Bereznyak

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