Monday, August 20, 2018

Paula Cloudpainter: New Works at Visions of Beauty

By Klaus Bereznyak

Paula Cloudpainter is an avatar most well known for ... well ... painting clouds. And she does it very well. We covered her last exhibition in January. This month, Paula unveiled a whole new series of works in her space at the Visions of Beauty galleries.

In this inspiring exhibition, Paula continues to demonstrate that there is no end to the fascination and beauty of clouds. While her previous collection was themed around the meeting point of clouds and water, here she takes to the skies with her artists brush and her camera to show "The Meaning of Clouds", with all their moods and charm. The open-air space holds a series of ten art works in various media, and the interior gallery hosts eighteen real-life photographs.

What is the meaning of clouds? Who has not looked up at the sky and seen all kinds of familiar shapes and meanings sculpted in water vapor high above the earth? Being in this exhibition, the same kind of reverie sweeps over us as we are tempted indulge our imagination and seek meaning in the clouds. Paula's own words give a clue to her intentions in presenting this work but leave it open for us to discover something that speaks to us uniquely:

"My new work looks at how clouds can be a guide to our connection with the universe by encouraging us to live in the moment, embrace change and be as unique as each cloud is in the sky."

"The Meaning of Clouds" by Paula Cloudpainter is open over the coming months at Visions of Beauty and is well worth taking the time to visit. The Gallery complex holds rolling exhibitions by SL artists old and new so it's a great place to embark on a virtual art world tour and see what else is on display.


Klaus Bereznyak

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