Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Musical Sculpture Gallery

By Gemma Cleanslate

What a wonderful find this gallery is! Musical Sculpture Gallery is small but a place to spend quality time if you enjoy interactive exhibits with no work involved by you. Just walk to the nearest sculpt and listen .

The piece begins tantalizing meditative music ... some call new age. Each sculpture has its own sound or music by Claus Gahrn (Nicolaus Skytower). The pieces are by some of the famous artists of Second Life. I saw several by Ub Yifi and Treacle Darlandes, B1nary (Binary Quandry), White Lebed and others . What a wonderful collaboration!

When I stood next to the “man with a horn" (in my mind) I enjoyed my shadow with the art in the window behind and the haunting call of the horn.. This will put you right next to the first sculpture.

While I was at the Music Sculpture Gallery I im’d Treacle Darlandes to tell her how lovely her pieces there were .

 When she answered she assumed that I was visiting her Walk of Art at the Lawst Paradise Gallery.
I had not been over there yet so took the landmark and off I went. Near the entrance there is a list of credits to those who inspired the work or helped with the installation.  What a spectacular exhibit I experienced. This is a combination of words .. music.. and art.

Move up the stairs to each level where there are exquisite pieces to view.

The stairs in the walk lead to very different words about life and love and enchanting art pieces that express the words . It is mystical experience , making your way to the top level .At each level I thought this one must be the apex... but no there was more..

Treacle had told me , “no camming!” . I promised , only to take a picture . I did the walk the way it should be done, reading, pausing to reflect and admiring it all and listen to the music. Don’t miss this one.!

Gemma Cleanslate

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