Monday, September 18, 2017

Building Begins For Burn2 Radical Ritual in October

By Klaus Bereznyak

Last week, the sims became available, plots were allocated to contributors, and building began for Second Life's regional Burning Man Festival, which opens October 21.

This year's theme for the Big Burn (or Octoburn) is "Radical Ritual", and it follows the theme and ethos of the recent 2017 Burning Man festival in Nevada's Black Rock desert.

According to Burning Man, "Beyond the dogmas, creeds, and metaphysical ideas of religion, there is immediate experience. It is from this primal world that living faith arises. In 2017, we will invite participants to create interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples, and visions ... The human urge to make events, objects, actions, and personalities sacred is protean. It can fix on and inhabit anyone or anything." (

There is plenty to be done in readying the flat, empty desert sims for the imaginative architecture that is to come. Individual plots have been divided and named and roads put in place. The large public features like Main Stage, The Temple and the Gateway are to be constructed.

A series of info sessions were held for builders this week before the building plots were handed out. In the coming weeks, we'll see an extraordinary city arising from the desert floor.

Burn2 camp builders consider the authenticity and immediacy of their builds, virtually using the sorts of materials that could reasonably be trucked into the desert, set up and then taken down without leaving a single trace.

It's not too late to participate in Burn2's Radical Ritual as there are still openings for the submission of single artworks or applications for juried plots. Musicians and live performers can sign themselves up with a performance slot, and a range of volunteers are needed, from community guides to scripters and greeters.

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Klaus Bebeznyak

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